Thursday, August 23

Book Review: Do No Harm

Title: Do No Harm

Author: Karen Miller

Pages: EBook 438

Summary: Killing time…

Stargate Command is in crisis—too many teams wounded, too many dead. Tensions are running high and, with the pressure to deliver tangible results never greater, General Hammond is forced to call in the Pentagon strike team to plug the holes. But help has its price. When the team’s leader, Colonel Dave Dixon, arrives at Stargate Command he brings with him loyalties that tangle dangerously with a past Colonel Jack O’Neill would prefer to forget. Assigned as an observer on SG-1, hostility between the two men escalates as the team’s vital mission to secure lucrative mining rights descends into a nightmare.

Only Dr. Janet Fraiser can hope to save the lives of SG-1—that is, if Dave Dixon and Jack O’Neill don’t kill each other first…

My Rating: 5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This was not the best Stargate books out there, in fact it can go on my list of my least favourites that I've read. The premise was interesting, and there was potential to it being a good book, but the inclusion of trying to create more of a psychological look at the characters inner thoughts, didn't work.

The characters inner thoughts were very out of character, I hated the fact the author portrayed O'Neill as this tortured soul. While he is suppose to have his demons, this book went over the top. The constant reminder about Cromwell became repetitive as did Dixons attempt to talk about with the other characters, to the point it took away from the story and away from creating the actual main plot of the book.

Also, the book needed to be edited. It's been consistent with the Stargate EBooks that the layout is a bit haywire. Spacing is a major issue. When there should be a break, paragraphs are meshed together, but I have gotten used to this. But this had multiple grammar and spelling mistakes. I'm wonder if it's an issue with the EBooks versions. As the EBook versions generally have more mistakes, incorrect punctuation etc more than the physical books. Either way, these issue are frustrating, especially when the story line is already frustrating you.

Would I recommend it to read: Out of all the stargate books I've read, this is one of the least likely ones I'd recommend.

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