Thursday, August 23

Book Review: The Bad Girl

Title: The Bad Girl

Author: Mario Vargas Llosa

Pages: 276

Summary: Ricardo Somocurcio is in love with a bad girl. He loves her as a teenager known as "Lily" in Lima in 1950, when she flits into his life one summer and disappears again without explanation. He loves her still when she reappears as a revolutionary in 1960s Paris, then later as Mrs. Richardson, the wife of a wealthy Englishman, and again as the mistress of a sinister Japanese businessman in Tokyo. However poorly she treats him, he is doomed to worship her. Charting Ricardo's expatriate life through his romances with this shape-shifting woman, Vargas Llosa has created a beguiling, epic romance about the life-altering power of obsession.

 My Rating: 5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: The book started off with it being a fairly good book. It had an interesting premise and I really enjoyed the look at Peru and the historical and political background on it. But eventually the story line of the Bad Girl got old, boring and very repetitive, so much so that it became a chore to finish the book.

The writing was good. But the story was just to repetitive for me, "the bad girl" comes into his life, then leaves. Then comes, leaves. No matter where he goes she showed up, messed around with him then left. It got very repetitive after awhile and, very boring because of it was just the same thing happening over and over again. And because of its repetitive tone the book took, I found it hard to connect to the characters, and found that there wasn't as much development as there should have been. I think if some of the repetitive nature of "the Bad Girl" showing up and leaving again was toned down it would have been a much better book.

Would I recommend it to read: I'd recommend the author, just not the book. The story is far to repetitive and I think a lot of readers would also be put off by it.

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