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Book Review: The Colour

Title: The Colour

Author: Rose Tremain

Pages: EBook - 320

Summary: Newlyweds Joseph and Harriet Blackstone emigrate from England to New Zealand, along with Joseph's mother Lilian, in search of new beginnings and prosperity. But the harsh land near Christchurch where they settle threatens to destroy them almost before they begin. When Joseph finds gold in a creek bed, he hides the discovery from both his wife and mother, and becomes obsessed with the riches awaiting him deep in the earth. Abandoning his farm and family, he sets off alone for the new goldfields over the Southern Alps, a moral wilderness where many others, under the seductive dreams of the "colour," rush to their destinies and doom.

My Rating: 3.75/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I could not to get into the book, which is a shame, because the premise was interesting to me. But between long periods where the plot stood still, lack of development of characters and some descriptions that were well, questionable and not needed in the book at all. And I mean it - There was one description in the book of a characters inner thoughts that almost made me give up completely. If I hadn't paid money for the book, I would have. In the end, this wasn't a good book.

The book didn't come together as it should have, there were too many plot threads and they didn't come together at all, there were multiple stories here, and I think it would have been better to create it as a collection of inter connected stories, than try to make it as one novel. That was one of the major issues I had. Another issue, as I stated above was inclusion of things that weren't necessary and absolutely disgusting. It did nothing for the story or the character. In fact a lot of the things a certain character did, did nothing for that character, except show he is a complete wacko. But it could have been handled far differently. The main plot itself was choppy, and it took a while to finally show what the author had intended to do, but because of the other plot threads, I felt it to be jumbled and hard to keep everything straight.

Parts of the book caught my interest, there was a touch of magical realism in the book, but this didn't tie into the story very well. But I did enjoy those parts. Also the descriptions and small glances of life in New Zealand was interesting. But these were small, and they took a backseat to the main story line.

In the end it was not an enjoyable book.

Would I recommend it to read: I wouldn't. I just didn't feel this book - and because of all the issues I had with it, I wouldn't recommend this one.

What to read next: Hmm I'm not too sure on this one. A lot of readers seem to enjoy the author, so I'd suggest one of her other works, but not this one.

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