Saturday, June 2

May Wrap-Up!

And it's June. How did that happen? No seriously, how is it June already? Where is the time going?
This was a great reading month for me, having a nice long vacation helped - a lot. As I sat on the porch, in the woods reading most of the time. I actually didn't finish as many book while on vacation. Dog sitting does that. But I was still able to read some good books. Or start a few others. My library is still only partially assembled but I have pretty much caught my self up to reach my reading goal. I'm only a book or two behind.  So all in all May was a great month for reading for me.

The Books

This is the second best reading month of the year for me, where I managed to read 14 books! Go me! And even better I was able to review them all too! My favourite book this month was the short story collection, Storm Glass by Jane Urquhart. My least favourite was Trial by Fire and To Have and Have Not. This month I seemed to read a lot of good books, but not a lot of WOW books. Still, there were some really good reads this month, and a few that pulled me out of my usual reading comfort zones. So I call that a very successful month.

1.       Silar Marner - GeorgeEliot - 7.25/10
2.       Fighting Gravity -Leah Petersen  - 7.25/10
4.       La Grosse Fifi - Jean Rhys - 7.25/10
5.       The  Sound of Blue - Holly Payne - 8.25/10
6.       Stones - TimothyFindley - 8.5/10
7.       Ru by Kim Thúy  - 8.5/10
8.       Frostbitten - KelleyArmstrong - 7.75/10
9.       Crazy Heart - ThomasCobb - 6.5/10
12.   Storm Glass - JaneUrquhart - 8.75/10

The Challenges

I didn't finish any challenges this month, but I'm very close to finishing a few. One I will definitely finish in June. Two others I can see me finishing them my early to late summer, if I keep a steady pace. And I think for the most part, I'm doing fairly well with my reading challenges. The only one I see me not finishing at this point is the 12 in 12 - reading 144 books in a year is a long shot, but I am enjoying trying it out. Who knows what well happen, I could surprise my self. Here's my challenge progress below.

12 in 12 - 51/144 - 35% Complete
100+ Challenge 2012 - 48/100 - 48% Complete
1001 Books to Read Before Challenge 2012 - 7/15 - 47% Complete
Alphabet Challenge 2012 - 21/26 - 81% Complete
Ebook Reading Challenge 2012 - 23/25 - 92% Complete
Finish That Series Challenge 2012 - 0/3 - 0% Complete (2 books read from series one)
Global Reading Challenge 2012 - 9/14 -64% Complete
Ireland Reading Challenge 2012 - 3/6 - 50% Complete
Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2012 - 17/50 - 34% Complete
New Authors Reading Challenge 2012 - 24/50 - 48% Complete
Short Stories Reading Challenge 2012 - 7/12 - 58% Complete
Speculative Reading Challenge 2012 - 8/24 - 33% Complete 

Countries Visited

This month I travelled to Canada, USA, Cuba, Croatia, Turkey, Australia, England, France and Vietnam. Also a few fantasy worlds.

Books That Followed Me Home

Only 6 books managed to follow me home this month.

Stones - Timothy Findley
The Beginning of Spring - Penelope Fitzgerald
The View From Castle Rock - Alice Munro
Who Do You Think You Are? - Alice Munro
La Grosse Fifi - Jean Rhys
Mercy Among the Children - David Adams Richards

And that was my May. I hope you all have a great June, summer is almost upon us and it's the perfect time to sit on the deck and read a good book, with a nice frosty drink! Mmm! Happy reading.


  1. wow! haha great job reading that much. I really can't believe you travelled to that many places ! :O wow
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    1. Thanks! I only travelled to those places those places through books sadly. Not in real life - but it's still fun to see where I travel in the fictional world.