Thursday, June 21

Book Review: Next Episode

Title: Next Episode

Author: Hubert Aquin

Pages: 140

Summary: First published in l965, Hubert Aquin’s Next Episode is a disturbing and yet deeply moving novel of dissent and distress. As he awaits trial, a young separatist writes an espionage story in the psychiatric ward of the Montreal prison where he has been detained. Sheila Fischman’s bold new translation captures the pulsating life of Aquin’s complex exploration of the political realities of contemporary Quebec.

My Rating: 7/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This was a different read for me, not my usual genre and it is one you need to read multiple times, to full grasp the full meaning of the book, but in the end not a bad read.
The book was a story within a story, but in this case the author made it work. Although the content of it and the meaning behind it, was hard to follow, I still found it to be an interesting read. Not at all what I expected when I first came across what the book was suppose to be about. I was expecting a spas suppose to be about. I was expecting a spy novel, with small subtle metaphor about the Quebec revolution. But instead it was a completely different experience. The "spy" novel side of the story was a good ploy to reflect, what I believe was the prisoners own life, and I think there was a lot of parallels/metaphors to the author's own life.

What I didn't like, was also what I liked. I wasn't expecting such a heavy book, that was filled with so much hidden messages I guess you could call it, about the Quebec Revolution. I picked the book up because it was a Canada Reads Winner, and an author I've never read. I was expecting a basic story within a story. A prisoner writing a spy novel, that reflects himself - which you can read it as and leave it at that, but you can't help but spot that there is more to it.  

Would I recommend it to read: I think I would. It was a different read for me, but an interesting method on how it was told. It was a story within a story so to speak. But I think it's a book worth reading.

What to read next: Works by Gabrielle Roy, Sinclair Ross, and the author

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