Saturday, April 21

The Pre-Spring Read-a-Thon 2012

This will be my first Spring Read-a-thon and my 5th read-a-thon ever.

I wasn't going to do this, but last minute impulsiveness has me jumping in. Not sure how much reading I'll get done, I'm going to aim for 15 hours, which I'll likley spread throughout the entire day, but who knows what it will actually turn out to be. I don't have any real plans, except to relax and read.

I'm not even sure I'll even pre-select the books, just grab at random.
I have a couple on the go and a couple I want to read before months end, so I guess it won't be completely random but this time around is to read and enjoy. And see what happens. I don't have the goal of doing the full 24 hours, but will try to see what will happen. I do have more people around living with me, so that either A = more cheerleading or B more distractions. Pottermore will also something that will be hard not to be on all day. Hmmm perhaps, re-read Harry Potter books on ebook...hmmmm perhaps I'll brew up a new plan...

 Right, the read a thon. So join me if you like be a cheerleader, a reader, a watcher, just join in the fun!

24 Hour Read a thon <----- click for details and to sign up.

This is my first attempt at a pre-scheduled post - so let hope it works. I'll hopefully be awake at the actual begining of the read-a-thon, so I can do my first intro post, but I have been tired lately....


  1. Glad you could join today. I'm starting late today. Hopefully the extra sleep means I can stay up later!

  2. Hope you had an excellent readathon and the extra sleep helped yoy stay up later!