Sunday, April 29

Book Review: The Return of the Soldier

Title: The Return of the Soldier

Author: Rebecca West

Pages: EBook (84)

Summary: The soldier returns from the front to find three women from his past. There's Kitty, his wife, with her cool, moonlight beauty, and his devoted cousin Jenny, who never quite admits her love for him.
But it's Margaret whom the shell-shocked Chris remembers. Margaret, his first love of fifteen years before. His cousin he recalls only as a childhood playmate, and his wife not at all. The women have a choice: to leave him as he is, or to 'cure' him. . .

My Rating: 6.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: The book wasn't my favourite, while I enjoyed the writing style and how the story was told, I found myself bored with the story at times, and annoyed by the characters at other times. It did do a good job at showing what happens to a shell shocked soldier from WWI, but I wanted something more from the book.

This is a book where the plot moves slow, but it works out well for it, as it helps develop the characters. Unfortunately, I didn't like a single character, so I didn't care for the development. Most of the time the characters annoyed me on how they reacted to the soldiers home coming and the fact there is a war going on. The women in the book really bothered me, with their personalities, interactions with each other and Chris, which grew to be repetitive for me and I grew bored of the plot quickly because of it.

The writing was well done and I will try out the author again, I may not have liked the story much, more because how the characters carried themselves, but the writing was well done, and I think if the characters were more likeable, the book would have been a great read.

Would I recommend it to read: I'm not sure I would. However, I would recommend the author.
What to read next: I'd try out the author again.


  1. I had similar thoughts about this book, but I think you liked the writing more than I did. I had read that it was the first novel written by a woman about WWI, so I was expecting more about the character's war experiences. If you're interested, my review is here:

    We'll get this posted on War Through the Generations soon.

    1. Interesting information on it being the first book on war written by a woman. I read your review, you made some interesting points, thanks for the posting it in the challenge - I've been horrible about emailing the reviews to guys.