Sunday, March 4

February 2012 - Wrap-Up

This month was a good month, it wasn't anywhere near as great as last month, but I did get quite a few books read and I'm still ahead of what I wanted to be my reading goals. But I didn't read as many books as I wanted to. I was aiming for 12 but only read 3. Partly this was due to me getting a sinus infection, which now has either turned in a horrible cold, or the cold has bad timing - which made it hard to read. Work has been stressful, and I have fallen in love with the sow Grey's Anatomy, and have bought all the box sets of the show and cannot stop watching it. The hot doctors don't help. So all those factored into my reading this month, but I'm still happy with it, and since last month rocked, this month that didn't rock doesn't matter too much.

The Books

Like I said above I read 9 books this month. 5 Ebooks and 4 Print. I'm surprised on how many EBooks I'm actually reading. I was originally so against the thought of an ebook. But I love them - they are great for work. They will never replace my print, but they have come in handy - especially to read those questionable books you don't know if you'll like or not. This month I re-read a favourite book from my childhood, read two great short stories by one of my favourite author and read my first Dickens. My favourite books of the month was The Girl Who Lived on The Moon by Frank Delaney. My least favourite was a three-way-tie between The Sense of Ending (Barnes), Living With the Dead (Armstrong) and The Paris Wife (McClain).

1. Offshore - Penelope Fitzgerald - 7.25/10
2. The Sense of Ending - Julian Barnes (Ebook)  - 6.75/10
3. The Boxcar Children - Gertrude Chandler Warner - (Ebook) - 8.25/10
4. The Druid - Frank Delaney (Ebook) - 8.75/10
5. The Girl Who Lived on the Moon - Frank Delaney (Ebook) - 9/10
6. Living With the Dead - Kelley Armstrong  - 6.75/10
7. The Dogs and the Wolves - Irène Némirovsky - 7.25/10
8. The Paris Wife - Paula McClain - (Ebook) - 6.75/10
9. Great Expectations - Charles Dickens7.75/10

The Challenges

I didn't finish any challenges this month, but I did't start any new ones either, so that's a win for me! I'm still going strong on the challenges and I think I have a good balance in completing them.

12 in 12 - 25/144 - 17% Complete 
100+ Challenge 2012 - 23/100 - 23% Complete
1001 Books to Read Before Challenge 2012 - 2/15 - 13% Complete
Alphabet Challenge 2012 - 14/26 - 54% Complete
Ebook Reading Challenge 2012 - 14/25 - 56% Complete
Finish That Series Challenge 2012 - 0/3 - 0% Complete (1 book read from series one)
Global Reading Challenge 2012 - 4/14 - 29% Complete
Ireland Reading Challenge 2012 - 2/6 - 33% Complete
Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2012 - 4/50 - 14% Complete
New Authors Reading Challenge 2012 - 10/50 - 20% Complete 
Short Stories Reading Challenge 2012 - 2/12 - 16% Complete
Speculative Reading Challenge 2012 - 4/24 - 21% Complete 
War Through the Generations - WWI Reading Challenge 2012 - 1/3 - 33% Complete

Countries Visited

This month I travelled to a few places including Canada, USA, France, Ukraine and Ireland. I think in March I'm going to try to be more of a "world traveller" through my reading.

Books That Followed Me Home

A good month for books that followed me home, even if two of those books are at a friends place. I ordered some, er was looking at Barnes and Nobles and the order themselves, and had them sent to a friends place who is holding them hostage! *glares*. Anyways I added four leathrbound books to my collection - so pretty! Among other books. Pretty soon I'm going to need a second house devoted to all my books - I better win that lottery!

Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show - Frank Delaney
The Matchmaker of Kenmare - Frank Delaney
The Druid - Frank Delaney (EBook)
The Girl Who Lived on the Moon - Frank Delaney (EBook)
The Yellow House - Patrica Falvey (EBook)
Time and Again - Jack Finney
Fall On Your Knees - Ann-Marie MacDonald
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - A Novel - Haruki Murakami (EBook)
This Cake is for the Party - Sarah Selecky
An Irish Country Courtship - A Novel - Patrick Taylor
The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen (Leatherbound)
Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte (Leatherbound)
Grimms Complete Fairy Tales - Brothers Grimm (Leatherbound)
Complete Fairy Tales and Stories: Hans Christian Andersen (Leatherbound)

And February comes to a close! Happy reading!



  1. Sounds like a good February! I'm not much further along than you in the Mount TBR Challenge; I really am reading more books from my own shelves, but the problem is that I'm still reading that many more NOT from my own shelves. But so long as the pages keep turning, right?!

    1. Yes, I'm having that same problem - or more so I keep buying books and reading them!

  2. It looks like you had a good month! I hear you on Mount TBR... I have read a lot of books from it so far this year, but I still feel like the pile is not shrinking at all...

    1. I don't think mount tbr ever shrinks, I think it multiplies when you're not looking.

  3. Happy to see such book-loving people in this fast era..

  4. Happy to see such book-loving people in this fast era..