Sunday, February 12

Book Review: The Girl Who Lived on The Moon

Title: The Girl Who Lived on The Moon

Author: Frank Delaney

Pages: EBook

Summary: "Once upon a time there was a girl who lived on the moon." And when she comes to earth on a moonbeam, and grants the human race insights that would delight a Jungian and calm a six-year-old to sleep, we must wonder if times were different then, when "fish danced the polka on the surface of the sea and the birds said their prayers out loud."

"A good story, well told, makes children of us all." Bestselling author Frank Delaney's second instalment of Storytellers continues the tradition of the great traveling storytellers, who practiced their skills across so many lands since before the invention of time. Beginning with The Druid, Storytellers celebrates a craft, that while recognized as Irish, finds within it elements that transcend borders and time.

My Rating: 9/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This is the second story  of a series of short stories the author has written and like the first, it was just as well written, told and developed as the first.

I enjoyed this one a little more than The Druid, mainly because I enjoy stories with mythology/magic surrounding the moon. This had a bit of magical/fantasy feel to it, as the author explored a setting of people who lived on the moon. I thought the author did a fantastic job at giving the reader a good taste of setting on the moon, and the main characters adventures down on Earth. Like with the first story, the characters and story are fully explored and developed, even in such a short amount of time.

This book, like the first short story, are told in a way, that it sets up an atmosphere, that the story is being told to you personally by a story teller - which makes it a great read on a cold day, in front of the fire. The quality of writing is, phenomenal and the author is quickly becoming one of my all time favourites - this book has me witting for the next instalment of the series and to quickly dive in to the next to be read novel of his I have sitting on my shelf.

Would I recommend it to read: As with the other short story, I would recommend this to read, especially to fans of the author, Irish fiction and short stories. This one is also a good book if you enjoy Irish folklore.

What to read next: Ireland, Tipperary - just about anything by the author works. Also Irish Folklore, fairytales etc., would be a good choice too.

*I've Combined this book and The Druid to count as one entry, but both are separate books and have separate reviews.


  1. My uncle really loves Delaney and this series as well. I am going to have to tell him that this was an impressive read and point him towards your review. Excellent!

    1. It's well worth reading, both short stories - especially if your uncle enjoys the author.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that these stories are as good as his longer works!

    1. They were very good reads, I hope to see more soon. And to get my hands on his trilogy soon too. My book store is always sold out!