Monday, January 30

Books That Followed Me Home - January Edition

I haven't had the time to do one of these for a while, and I've been meaning to sit down and do one all month, so I decided to wait and post this at the end of the month - so I can share with all of you all the books that followed me home this month - it's a lot. But they all followed me home! Even those EBooks, they jumped off the Internet right into my E-Reader! Honest!

For those of you who don't know, Books That Followed Me Home is an event I host on my blog, to show case all the books that "followed" me home. Okay, so it's my excuse to my self and the world to the amount of books I allow to follow me home.

Books are listed below that I've bought  allowed to follow me home, over various wanderings.....

Batch One - Canadiana
-where I unintentionally bought a lot of Canadian books or books by Canadian authors

Through the Black Spruce - Joseph Boyden
Light Lifting - Alexander MacLeod
The Last Salt Gift of Blood - Alistair MacLeod
Anil's Ghost - Michael Ondaajte
The Dream World - Alison Pick
Irish Country Village - Patrick Taylor
Storm Glass - Jane Urquhart
Fauna - Alissa York
The Penguin Book of Canadian Short Stories - Edited by Jane Urquhart, various authors

Batch Two - Virginia Woolf  (EBooks)
- where I realized we share the same birthday. To celebrate, and to give a gift to myself, I browsed some of her books online. They some how, magically, must have been birthday magic, appeared on my Kobo.

Between the Acts
Night and Day
Selected Short Stories
The Voyage Out
The Years

Batch Three - WWI (Ebooks)
- where I unintentoally bought books with similar titles and themes (beyond the WWI theme ;))

A Long, Long Way - Sebastian Berry
The Soldier's Return - Alan Monaghan
The Return of the Soldier - Rebecca West
Guns of August - Barbara Tuchman

Batch Four - Other Books

The Gate of Angels - Penelope Fitzgerald
Offshore People - Penelope Fitzgerald
WoT 13- Towers of Midnight - Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
On Chesil Beach - Ian McEwan
The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai - Ruiyan Xu
Harvest Moon - Mercedes Lackey, Michelle Sagara, Cameron Haley

And there you have it! All the books that followed me home during January. I got some great reads, some of them I already devoured. If you want to join in, you are more than welcome to, I know other must have this problem too! Just leave a link in the comments section so I can see what books followed you home.

Happy Reading!


  1. The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai is such a powerful and amazing book, and it's one that just squeezed my heart so profoundly. I hope that you enjoy it. Lots and lots of great books here today! I also have a ton of new arrivals, and I am wondering when I will get the chance to read them all. Enjoy all your new books, Jules!

    1. I wonder if you're blog is one of the ones I first saw it on. I grabbed it off the shelf because it began with "x" when I read the back I recognized it from somewhere. Your description has me wanting to read it sooner, rather than later. Lots of new books, sadly I'm not making a dent in mount TBR.

  2. I will be curious to see what you think of Fauna. I tried to read that and just could not get into it. I plan to try again one day. I want to read some WWI books this year, so I will have to look into the ones you bought. I have the Berry somewhere...

    1. Barry was great. The Rebecca West one is about 100 pages, very short. Guns of August is non-fiction. I'll let you know about my thoughts on Fauna

  3. Hunh, I was just going to say that I absolutely loved Fauna, but I see you'll have to weigh that against Kailana's experience. Well, I do believe that timing counts for a lot; a book that you can't get into on one occasion can shift into your best-book-ever on another occasion. I'm determined to finally read one of Joseph Boyden's books this year. (Hardly any books followed me home this month, but I'm sure to make up for it next month. Enjoy your new adoptees.)

    1. Now the book has me interested more, one thumbs up, one down. Hmm. I agree timing counts a lot for a book you read. Hehe I hope many books follow you home!

  4. I love this idea! If I want to use it on my book blog, do I link back to this post?

    1. Thanks! Yes if you use it on your blog, just link back here, and leave me a link about your post so I can check it out. May good books follow you home ;)

  5. Jules, Here are the ones that followed me home last month!

    1. Thanks for participating. Glad to see some good books followed you home