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Book Review: For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down

Title: For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down

Author: David Adams Richards

Pages: 231

Summary: First published in 1993, For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down completed the trilogy of novels about the working classes that began with Night Below Station Street (1988) and continued with Evening Snow Will Bring Such Peace (1990). In a small northern New Brunswick mill town, Jerry Bines, acquitted of murder returns home to his estranged wife and young son. But when he learns that Gary Percy Rils has escaped from prison, he fears for his own safety and that of others. Bine's attempt to protect his family from Rils leads inevitably to the novel's harrowing climax.

My Rating: 7.25/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: After reading the final book in the Miramichi trilogy, I found this book to be the most enjoyable of the three. Something about the story grabbed my attention more than the others, while this book followed the same format, and some of the same characters seen in the previous two books, there was something more to this story.

The writing style is the same, which I enjoy, I do like the way the author writes, he slowly builds up his story, but it's done in a way where as a reader you benefit from it. The author is also able to write misery of his characters quiet well, and unlike his previous books, I wasn't overwhelmed by it and this time I didn't find it took away from the book - or perhaps I'm just used to it.

 Like the previous books, it's a book with very flawed characters, there isn't a big divide good or bad, but mostly morally grey in all of its shades, which I enjoyed, because despite Bine's past, I was still very invested in his characters growth and outcome. I even enjoyed his character at times, despite some of his life choices. Which is what I liked best about this book, is the author allowed you to connect and even enjoy a character who's made some horrible mistakes, but is trying to fix them. It wasn't a riveting story and many of the same issues I had with the authors previous works were still in this one, but well told and I appreciated what the author has done with the characters and the finally chapter in the trilogy.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, the author is good author and the message behind the story was well told. It's worth reading the other two books first, but not necessary.

What to read next: Mercy Among the Children, the other books of the Miramichi trilogy

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