Saturday, January 7

Book Review: The Dream World

Title: The Dream World

Author: Alison Pick

Pages: EBook - 80 pages

Summary: In her elegant new collection, Alison Pick, a brilliant poet of sensuous moods, atmospheres, and dreams, explores the mystery concealed within the world we know and recognize. Always evocative, always alluring, her poems are not interested in mere events, but in the fabric inside the emotions that events can provoke. She writes of love, of leaving, of wandering, and of home — not necessarily in that order. With captivating language and shining imagery, her poems travel out through layers of landscape — residential, geographic, emotional, cerebral — creating a guidebook to the hidden, a sparkling tour through the lush and varied backcountry of human experience.

My Rating: 8.25/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: When I first bought the EBook version, I thought I was buying a short story collection, so I as surprised that I actually got a collection of poet, but it turned out to be a lovely mistake, as I the collection turned out to be wonderfully written and overall extremely enjoyable read.

The collection is broken down into three section, and while I enjoyed poems from all three, the final section, The Dream World, was my favourite. In all of her poems, the author paints some very lovely imagery of scenery and thoughts. I read the collection twice, especially some of my favourite poems, just to get a second taste. As with all collections I liked some more than others, there were a few I didn't like at all, but most I liked to some degree. Some of my favourites were: The In-Breath, Silhouette, The Out-Breathe, Childhood, Prints, The Crossing and Premonition. My favourite was Study for Morality: Charcoal on Paper, some lovely imagery in this one.

Overall a good mistake I made, as it turned to be a wonderful read.

Would I recommend it to read: If you enjoy poetry I would. If you don't, it is worth at least trying the author's writing is lovely, makes me very interested in her novel.

What to read next: The author has a novel out, Far to Go, and if you enjoy poetry there is another collection of poetry out there, Question & Answer.

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