Sunday, October 23

Read-a-thon Update 4

Update: 4 

Current Book: Bluebeards Egg Short Story Collection 

Hours Read: 16 hours 

Pages read: 925 

Book read: 3
 Mister Pip - Lloyd Jones 
Roswell - Sonny White Law & Jennifer Fallon
Dead Until Dark Charlane Harris (Ebook @ 218 pgs)

Cups of Coffee drank:

Personal Cheerleader Update: So far she has: 
  • napped in the laundry hamper 
  •  napped in my lap 
  • played catch 
  • raced around the living room 
  •  stared off into space as if deep in thought 
  •  tried to steal my mid-morning snack and drink from my water glass.
  •  Slept in my lap again 
  • Commandeered my favourite reading spot
  •  Had a nap in my favourite reading spot 
  • Laid on the book shelf 
  • Sat in my lap to have her ears scratched, which resulted in a brief cat nap 
  • Had her pre-dinner snack (and a break from all that napping!) Still going strong! Taking a break to visit more blogs, than back to reading.
  • Slept on her pillow bed
  • Sprawled on her favourite spot on the couch
  • Slept on the back of the couch
  • Played fetch and ran around the house

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