Saturday, October 22

Read-thon-update 2

Update: 2

Current Book: In Between Books at the moment

Hours Read: 9 hours

Pages read: 614

Book read: 2
  • Mister Pip - Lloyd Jones
  • Roswell - Sonny White Law & Jennifer Fallon

Cups of Coffee drank: 2

Personal Cheerleader Update: So far she has:

  • napped in the laundry hamper 
  • napped in my lap
  • played catch
  • raced around the living room 
  • stared off into space as if deep in thought 
  • tried to steal my mid-morning snack and drink from my water glass. 
  • Slept in my lap again
  • Commandeered my favourite reading spot
  • Had a nap in my favourite reading spot
  • Laid on the book shelf
  • Sat in my lap to have her ears scratched, which resulted in a brief cat nap
  • Currently having her pre-dinner snack (and a break from all that napping!)
Still going strong! Taking a break to visit more blogs, than back to reading.


  1. LOVE your personal cheerleader :) I have two of those, plus an energetic dog (who cares more about her frisbee than my reading!). Man, you are one fast reader!!! Way to go!

  2. "Don't stop, never give up
    Hold your head high and reach the top"


  3. Wendy - Thanks! Well it's a Frisbee, what else could a dog want?

    April - Thanks for stopping by