Monday, October 31

Book Review: The Sleeping Beauty

Title: The Sleeping Beauty

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Pages: EBook (Approx 283)

Summary: The Sleeping Beauty is the fifth book in the Five Hundred Kingdoms series.

Godmother Lily serves the Kingdom of Eltaria, which may be the most imperiled of all the Five Hundred Kingdoms. It has the misfortune of being small, rich, and surrounded with enemies. Governing it has been a constant juggling trick.

But now The Tradition has decided to land the blow of making the King a widower, and his daughter the Fairest In The Land. This can only mean bad things for the King, the Princess Rosa, and above all, the Kingdom itself.

My Rating: 7.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: Overall I enjoyed the book Lackey has an incredible whit to her writing, that helps create her fantasy words - and this is no exception. It was funny, witty and a very creative spin on the fairy tales - but as of now, I prefer the short story based in the same realm than this one.

I enjoyed the authors creative spin on the fairy tales - enough that I'd likely read some of the other books in the series - this one in particular made for a fun satire on a few fairy tales grouped together, but I did find this story to be a little to drawn out with the end result somewhat predictable, although it was part of what "the Tradidion" dictated - it still seemed a little to convenient  in some cases the author managed to make it work and avoid making too cliché, but still stick with the original ideas behind the fairy tales.

The author is an excellent storyteller and writer, which is why I plan on reading more of her work, I wasn't a fan of the particular characterizations, again issues with them being predictable and issues that made them cookie cutter characters - again all do to the tradition of the story, this both worked and didn't for me. But as a whole, the book was a good read.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, it was a fun read, entertaining read, a good choice for fantasy fans.

What to read next: I'd suggest more tales from the Thousand Kingdoms series, The Princess Bride, and more books by the author

Challenges: 11 in 11, 100+ Challenge, Fantasy Reading Challenge


  1. I have one Lackey book on my shelf that has been there for awhile. You have inspired me to read it and give it a try. It sounds like this was a really different read, although it was somewhat predictable, and I enjoyed reading your thoughts on it. Happy Halloween!

  2. I have really fallen behind in this series! I have only read the first two books, but the next two are on my TBR pile. I must get around to reading them...

  3. Zibilee - It was a different read, but fun. The author is a good writer and story teller. Happy (belated) Halloween to you!

    Kailana - I never read the other books, but it doesn't seem you need to read them to read the later books. I've only read a short story (or was it two?) from the Five Hundred Kingdoms. What are the other books like?