Monday, October 31

Book Review: Exogenesis

Title: Exogenesis (SGA #5)

Author: Sonny Whitelaw and Elizabeth Christensen

Pages: Ebook (Approx 336)

Summary: The eye of the beholder...

When Dr. Carson Beckett disturbs the rest of two long dead Ancients, he unleashes devastating consequences of global proportions.

With the very existence of Lantea at risk, Colonel John Sheppard leads his team on a desperate search for the long lost Ancient device that could save Atlantis. While Teyla Emmagan and Dr. Elizabeth Weir battle the ecological meltdown consuming their world, Colonel Sheppard, Dr. Rodney McKay and Dr. Zelenka travel to a world created by the Ancients themselves. There they discover a human experiment that could mean their salvation...

But the truth is never as simple as it seems, and the team’s prejudices lead them to make a fatal error — an error that could slaughter thousands, including their own Dr. McKay

My Rating: 8.75/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: Wow! That is pretty much a my feelings of the book after I finished read it. First of all the book is out of print, now only available in ebook format (Kindle only), so I downloaded the PC version. Hours later and a horrible backache I finished the book. Not realizing how much time had actually passed - I was so involved with the book I lost track of time, great addition to the Stargate series. The authors took the reader and the characters on a quite the rollercoaster ride; a combination of action, surprising twists and emotional elements the book is one of my favourites I've read in the series so far. If this was an actual episode, I think it may have been one of the best episodes in the series.

They authors dug deep into some characters emotional side, showing a whole new side to some, especially Rodney, wow! The show sometimes showed he had a, nicer side to him, that could actually feel something for another human being, other than himself (or is creepy feeling for Sam) but this was awesome. I'm not sure I would have dug as deep as the authors did on his emotional side, as it came borderline out of character, but that was written superbly. I also loved seeing some of the minor characters get their time to shine. Zelenka particularly was an underused character on the show, but they authors used him very well in the story line. And of course Beckett's role in the book was a nice addition - he's one of my favourite characters, but he doesn't have as much face time in the books (those I've read so far) as I would like. So to see him have an important role in the book was wonderful - the emotional aftermath of it was also well written.

The ending was good, but I would have liked them to use something a little different, the ending had pieces of endings and methods to solve problems from other Stargate episodes - which is cannon, the show constantly used similar methods to solve catastrophic problems, but I would have liked something different. Otherwise an awesome read. I'm itching to read more.

Would I recommend it to read: If you're a Stargate fan, this is a must read.

What to read next: More Stargate books. I've heard great things about Halcyon.

Challenges: 100+, 2011 Countdown Challenge,

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