Thursday, September 29

Book Review: Belong to Me

Title: Belong to Me

Author: Marisa de los Santos

Pages: EBook (approx 340)

Summary: Everyone has secrets. Some we keep to protect ourselves, others to protect those we love.

A devoted city dweller, Cornelia Brown surprised herself when she was gripped by the sudden desire to head for an idyllic suburb. Though she knows she's made the right move, she approaches her new life with trepidation and struggles to forge friendships. Cornelia's mettle is quickly tested by judgmental neighbour Piper Truitt, the embodiment of everything Cornelia feared she would find in suburbia. A saving grace soon appears in the form of Lake, and Cornelia develops an instant bond with this warm yet elusive woman. As their individual stories unfold, the women become entangled in a web of trust, betrayal, love and loss that challenges them in ways they never imagined, and that ultimately teaches them what it means for one human being to belong to another

My Rating: 3/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: To say I disliked this book, is bit of an understatement. But I seem to be in a very slim minority in this regard. Surprisingly, I've wanted to read this book for a long, time. I first saw it sitting on the shelf at a used book store, but never picked it up, another book I wanted more turned up - maybe I should have took that as a hint to stay away from the book - because I did not like this one much at all.

To be blunt, I hated the characters and story. I found them all to be cliché and predictable. Yes the characters were flawed - but they were flawed in such an obvious way, it made me want to scream. From the moment I met each character, I knew what was going to happen, who was connected to who, and who "had more to them than meets the eye." I did not like how everyone was connected in the story and the "big secret reveal" it added nothing to the book, and made it more like a soap opera than a book. I also was very irritated how the author had to input scientific terms, references and names into everyday talk - which had little connection to what was going on, along with literary references. It made for a choppy read, and it didn't sit well with the rest of the story.

The only aspect of the story I enjoyed was the Piper-Elizabeth story line. The author had something great there, Elizabeth dying of cancer, and fighting her own emotions and regret. Piper being the friend, there until the end. I am astonished at how differently these parts were written compared to the rest of the story. It was like two different people wrote it. These parts were written with passion and emotion - so what happened to the rest of the book? Where did all of that go? The rest of the book didn't have it, it was like everything was forced, so the book could have that perfect picturesque happy ending.

Would I recommend it to read: Hmm, from my own personal experience no. But so many others love the book. So, I'd suggest reading other reviews, to see if it works for you. I only like a certain type of "chick-lit", so that may be my problem? Bad mood maybe? But, I wouldn't recommend it.

What to read next: There is another book by the author, that has some of the same characters in it. It happens before the events in this book occur. (I think it's called When Loved Dropped In) so if you enjoyed the book, you could start there.

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  1. I don't know why, but I love reading posts like this. There have been so many books adored by the blogging world that I have not liked at all; it's good to see it happens to others too! :)

  2. I adored Love Walked In and was excited to read this one. But this book fell flat for me by comparison.

  3. Oh no! I loved both this book and Love Walked In and can't wait to get my hands on her new book!

    Oh well. I guess there are not many books that are absolutely universely loved!

  4. Trisha - Yes, it happens to me. There are a few books out there that the blogging world has adored, but just fell flat for me, and I agree it is good to see this happens to others as well.

    Tricia - Some of the reviews I did read enjoyed the first book more - but after my experience with it, I don't plan on reading it. But don't you hate it when you loved the first book and the second one just doesn't live up to your expectations?

    Marg - I've seen the third book floating around - hopefully you get a chance to read it soon. Nope, there isn't a book universally loved - but that's what makes the reading/blogging world so much fun - is the widespread of opinions on a single book.

  5. I have at least one of her books on my shelf, but I can't remember which one. I haven't read it, but like you I have seen many positive reviews. I'll be curious to see if I like the book when I eventually get around to reading it. I had a similar experience recently with Everything Beautiful Began After, which everyone seems to love, but I still haven't made it past page 14.