Sunday, October 9

Book Review: Beautiful Assassin

Title: Beautiful Assassin

Author: Michael White

Pages: Ebook (Approx 394)

Summary: World War II threatens to engulf the globe. The beleaguered Soviets, struggling to hold back the rising German tide, face despair and defeat daily. Yet just as all seems lost, a fearless female sniper named Tat'yana Levchenko gains fame in the Battle of Sevastopol with her remarkable composure and stunning skill. Offering hope in her nation's darkest moments, she becomes a Soviet hero, and word of her beauty and prowess eventually reaches Washington, D.C. Soon, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt invites Tat'yana to visit America and tour the country with her.

For the Soviets, Tat'yana's newfound friendship with the wife of the most powerful man in the world is an opportunity to garner public support for a much-needed second front in the war—but it's also a chance to gather information about President Roosevelt's plans. Surrounded by those who would exploit her position, Tat'yana becomes a pawn in a battle for information, and she is forced to question the motivations of everyone she knows, including the American captain who has been assigned as her translator. But as quickly as she rises to fame, Tat'yana vanishes. Did she defect? Was she silenced—and if so, by whom? Decades later, a clever journalist will discover Tat'yana's story . . . and reveal the truth.

My Rating: 10/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I could not put this book down. By the end, it became a heart-racing, gripping read and I was hooked until the very end.

The book had so many elements I value - a fantastic and engaging plot, well written and characters that are very developed and stick with long after you've finished the book. There is very little things to say against the book, perhaps at times the plot moved slow in building a romantic relationship - it felt iffy to me at first, but otherwise, I have little against the book.

The characters were very well done - I'm not sure how much liberation the author took with Eleanor Roosevelt's character, but she was fun to read, and Tat'yana is one that will stick with me for a while. I want to say more, but fear I will spoil things for anyone who wants to read this, but there is so much more I want to know about her after the book was done.

The plot has a lot of twists and turns, the first part is focused on Tat'yana during her time as a sniper, and the author does a fantastic job at showing the reader the hardships of the soldiers, the war front, the refugees and all the horrors of war brilliantly to the reader. The second half of the novel is Tat'yana in the states, as she is forced to act as a spy for her country, and the moral obligations she is faced with. I was surprised how involved I was with this book, I was surprised I could be as involved with the spy aspect of the novel as I was - I think it has to do with the authors writing and characterization. But it was brilliant - and I couldn't put it down. The climax at the end was gripping and I was clutching my Ereader and in a frenzy reading what would happen. It's been a while since I have done that with a book, but I would have stopped the world if I could so I could finish off the last few pages. An amazing read!

Would I recommend it to read: Yes! This isn't my normal genre, in fact, I randomly picked this book out of the EBook selection, when I was browsing, the cover caught my eye, I checked it out and loved it. I started reading the ending before work one morning, and ended up coming into work half an hour early, so I could finish the last pages off before I started. It is worth reading, so put it on that TBR list!

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  1. Oh, I love books that are surprising and gripping, so you've got my attention with this one! I don't often read books of this genre, so a recommendation has to come from a very solid source in order for me to try them. I think your review hit the nail on the head, Jules. It was exciting and very enthusiastic, and makes me really want to check out this book! Thanks for the great review!

  2. Sounds like the combination of satisfying elements makes for a near-perfect reading experience, the kind that we tend to associate with the kind of reading we did as kids, where the world seems to disappear until we turn that final page. I've added this one to my list: thanks for an enthusiastic response!

  3. Zibilee - I don't read this genre either, much. But it ended up being such a great read. I hope you do get a chance to check it out, it's well worth it.

    Buried in Print - Those are some great memories huh, devouring the book and forgetting the world. Glad you added the book to your list, hopefully you enjoy it as well!