Monday, September 5

BTFMH - And Other Bookish Stuff


So, this was originally meant to be a vlog, which I actually recorded last week and had it all ready to go, but some things changed since I recorded the vlog, including some of the things I mentioned in it. I was going to re-record it, but today I have a headache, so I'm just going to write it for you. Same awesome stuff (well plus fouradditions which I will save for next time) and I'm still going to share the other bookish stuff related to BTFMH, but going to post pictures instead.

For anyone who's new here, BTFMH is an event/meme I do on my blog to showcase all of the books that have followed me home, to no fault of my own (aka books that I bought). I finally created a page for this, so you can all join in, and hopefully I'll have it linked to the main page of the blog. You can go HERE to see all my other BTFMH and find out more.

The Fan Expo edition - where I show case the books and book swag I got from Fan Expo. (Fan Expo is a sci-fi/comic/anime/horror/gaming convention in Toronto, its similar to Comic Con.) This year they had a lot of authors and author panels, so I bought a lot of books - came close to buying a lot more and got to see some great panels and author talks. Among other things, I met a few of my favourite sci-fi stars - including a Harry Potter one. Had a great time. I just wish the other books I wanted had the chance to come home with me.

So above is my fanexpo swag (and one of my new book shelves). 4 of the books were signed by the authors, it was great meeting some of them. Two of the authors I met last year at fan expo and grabbed copies of their books, so this year, I was glad to grab the next books in the series and talk to them again.

Books from left to right.

  • The Mirror Prince - Violette Malan - I really enjoyed speaking to her, and almost bought her other four books, which were part of a series when I was there. The only reason I didn't was on the last day when I had planned on going back, I realized I had no room left in my luggage! Doh!
  • Out for Blood - Alyxandra Harvey - Third book in the series, I bought the first two books at last years fan expo,
  • Watch - Robert J. Sawyer. I just posted the review for his first book, and managed to get both books  signed. I wanted the third, but it's not out in paper back yet, and I want all the books in the series to match
  • Incarceron - Catherine Fisher - a book I've been debating about reading for a while. I've seen both good and bad reviews about it, finally decided to give it a try.
  • End of Days - Max Turner - second book of the series, I met him at last years fan expo and thought I'd keep up with tradition.
Here is a picture of me and Max Turner at the HarperCollins table. With his two books Night Runner and End of Days.

  • Hitchhikers Guide Trilogy of Four - Douglas Adams - I thought I had the Trilogy of Five in my hand! DOH! 
  • Also in the picture is a tote bag I nabbed from the HarperCollins booth, harry potter book marks AND! A Mockingjay Pin from the Hunger Game! This came from the Alliance booth, as they were promoting the movie! So happy to have this! I kept trying to win a swag bag, but I kept missing out. Still got a cool pin, so that's something.
As I said above I got to sit in on some author panels and they had some good ones this year. I missed out on a few of them, but still managed to get to three of them.

The first one was. When Worlds Collide. With authors Nick Valrntino, Gregory Lamberson, Sarah McCully, James Davidge and Evan Munday. It was an interesting panel about fantasy settings in real world as opposed to the medieval settings a lot of fantasy is set in.  Below are some pictures from the panel.

The second panel I went to was "Vampires you can sink your teeth into" - with authors Karen Dales, Max Turner, Alyxandra Harvey, Nancy Kilpatrick, Heather Brewer and I can't remember the other author's name This panel as have guessed was about the various different vampires we see in books today - there is quite a variety I do agree. And it was interesting to hear just how many different ones there are. Dracula is forever my favourite. My least favourite....ermm look pictures!

I was also hoping to grab a copy of Evolve 2 - an anthology on vampire - but I had no room left in my suit case. I would have had room in their, but I found the most amazing gift for my boyfriend and had to get it. I'll have to get those books I wanted some other way!

The Final Panel was Fantastic Worlds and How to Get There. Authors Violette Malan, Ed Greenwood, Lesley Livingson and Robert Weston. The pictures for this one aren't that good I was stuck in the back - standing room only in this one. This was directly after the vampire panel, but we had to clear the room even if we wanted to come back in. I also made a quick pit stop and ran back at mock-speed. Lesley Livingston was also doing signings, but I am not familiar with any of her books, except that she's a YA author who's books I've seen a lot on other peoples blogs, but ones I haven't read or know much about. I was surprised to see Ed Greenwood, and even more shocked I haven't read anything by him yet! Think I may have to hurry that part up. Another good panel, very crowed, which surprised me considering the con itself had such big guests. I love seeing the book lives on. And to see the variety of fantasy worlds, even between the authors.

So there is all the book related stuff. I had a great time at Fan Expo this year - the book related stuff just added to it. I also met some other stars while I was there - go to my facebook page to see them. Tom Felton was the Harry Potter star I met, I also got to do a photo op with him. You can see those on my facebook page as well! He was really nice. Now if only J.K. Rowling would come down for one of these!

As always, you are all welcome to participate  - I can't be the only person out there who has books who follow them home! Right?!?


  1. This sounds like it was an amazing event, Jules, and I admire your restraint in bringing home books! I think I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for some of those panels, and I am looking forward to my own bookish excursion in a few weeks. Great post today, and thanks for giving us the option to add our own purchases to the site. Might just take you up on that sometime!

  2. Zibilee - It was a great event. I got to meet some of my favoruite Sci-Fic actor, go to book related panels and bring a lot of book home! I'm glad it only happens once a year.