Thursday, September 8

Brooklyn Read-a-long

One of the challenges I'm participating in this year is the Ireland Reading Challenge, hosted by Carrie over at the blog Books and Movies. An optional part of the challenge is to participate in a read-a-long on the book Brooklyn by Colm Toibin.  You do not need to be part of the challenge to participate so anyone who wishes to join in can. Follow this link to get more details along with the schedule.

Carries has set up a schedule (which I'll try to stick too) so keep an eye out for my discussion questions I'll post each week. Below is part of the schedule for the read-a-long page.
  • Section one – September 1st through 9th (post to go up on the 10th): pages 1 through 65
  • Section two – September 10th through 16th (post to go up on the 17th): pages 65 through 136>
  • Section three – September 17th through 23rd (post to go up on the 24th): pages 137 through 203
  • Section four – September 24th through 30th (post to go up on October 1st): page 204 through the end
For more details go to the read-a-long blog and sign up it should be a good challenge! And for me help finish off this challenge, which I just realized ends November 30, 2011 (The challenge, not the read-a-long). Doh! 1 month less to finish it than I thought.

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