Saturday, September 10

Book Review: No Humans Involved

Title: No Humans Involved

Author: Kelley Armstrong

Pages: 398

Summary: Jamie is more than just the party girl she pretends to be. Now well into her forties, the luscious, lovelorn, and haunted necromancer is aware that her days of trading on her looks are numbered. So signing on to reality TV special is supposed to be her swan song . . . until weird things start to happen. As a woman whose special talent is raising the dead, her threshold for weirdness is pretty high, but for the first time in her life - as invisible hands brush her skin and unintelligible fragments of words are whispered in to her ears - she knows what humans mean when the talk about being haunted. With the help of her long-time crush, Alpha werewolf Jeremy Danvers, Jamie finds her strength and courage tested to the limit as she uncovers a ring of perverted would-be magicians, who will stop at nothing in their quest for power.

My Rating: 8.75/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: The book started off a little slow for but it wasn't long before it grabbed my attention and became hard to put down. Originally I was reading the book during my lunch breaks, and actually had to take it home and finish it off. This book makes up for the last two which weren't that great and has helped regain my interest into devouring the rest the series.

Jamie was a well written character and was very well developed as well. She had a lot of levels that were revealed throughout the book, and although my first glimpses of the character weren't that impressive to me, she is one of my favourites in the series. I found all the characters to be well written in the book, Eve was back to being that interesting character I liked from her appearances in the other books, I still don't know what happened to her in her own. And of course we finally get more Jeremy time. I was glad we finally got to learn more about his character. He still has a lot of mystery surrounding him, but it was nice to get more time with him.

The plot was also very interesting and fast paced. The reader was given small glimpses of what was going on, which at times were rather creepy and disturbing, but it gave you enough just to make you want to learn more. I did find the part of the plot that was based on Jamie filming her TV show was poorly done. It was often forgotten and wasn't really tied into the story until the end, and even then how it was tied in wasn't strongly done. It seemed more of an afterthought than anything else. Overall it was a fantastic read. I am now trying to make myself wait before I devour the next book. If you, like me, found the last books to be just average, this one should help gain your interest back in the series.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, as long as you've read the other book in the series. I think they can be read as a standalone, but you'd miss out on a few tibets and background information if you haven't read the other books. If you like paranormal romance than the series is definitely for you. What to read next: Personal Demon is the next book in the series, so I'd go with that.

Challenges: 100+ Challenge, Canadian Reading Challenge V


  1. This book has the came cover as two other books in a series that I have read recently called The Dark Divine and The Lost Saint. I think the only difference is the colors in the artwork. Very interesting. It sounds like this was a book that revived the series for you, which is pretty impressive. I sort of wish they were standalone novels, but it might not be a problem for me to go back and start with the first in the series. Great and thoughtful review today, Jules. Thanks!

  2. I've been enjoying this series. I like Jamie and quite enjoyed this one.

  3. I'm still on book six (the one before this one), but I'm looking forward to catching up with the series. I've not been disappointed in a volume of it yet (and also enjoyed the mystery duo she's written). I like the fact that she doesn't compromise her characters for plot; their decisions always make sense given who they are.

  4. I am all caught up in this series and then soon there will be no more! I think the one due out soon is the end...

  5. Zibilee - I've seen this or a similar cover on other book too. It really did revive the series for me, and the first book is worth to start back with.

    Linda - There have been a few story lines I'm not a big fan of, but the series is a huge guilty pleasure I want to devour. Slowly getting caught up. Who is your favourite?

    Buried in Print - I wasn't a fan of 6, but you make a good point about her characters. Perhaps that's why I'm sometimes frustrated with them.

    Kailana - I still have 5 books and two anthologies to go. So I should be caught up when the last one comes out.