Wednesday, September 28

Book Review: The Invisible Man

Title: The Invisible Man

Author: H.G. Wells

Pages: EBook (Approx. 184)

Summary: On a cold day in February, a stranger arrives in the village of Iping. He wears gloves and dark glasses, even inside, and his face is covered in bandages. Soon crimes occur that cannot be explained, and the townspeople realize the unthinkable truth: the strange man is invisible--and he is slowly going mad. The Invisible Man is a dangerous enemy who must be stopped. But if no one can see him, how can he be caught?

My Rating: 4.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: At times, I felt that the author did a good job at building up the atmosphere for the story, especially at the beginning of the book but, for the most part I found myself bored with it.

I thought there would be more drama, a little more of a horror/thriller feel to the book (kind of like Frankenstein), but I didn't get that. None of the characters were that remarkable and the story line as a whole didn't work for me. For me it was just the invisible man walking around and causing havoc for the sake of it. There wasn't much depth in the characters, or what drove them to the actions the took and none of them were memorable. It was well written yes, and at the time of its writing, a very original idea, but the plot just didn't work for me in the end. Not at all a favourite of mine.

Would I recommend it to read: I'm not sure. I'd recommend his other works, but not sure about this one.

What to read next: The Time Machine, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein

Challenges: 11 in 11, 100+ Challenge, 1001 Books, Futeristic/Sci-Fi Challenge


  1. I remember erally enjoying this book when I read it, but it was some time ago when I was in high school. You have made me want to re-read it and assess my feelings about it.

  2. Becky - Glad I made you want to re-read it. Apparently there's another book out there, called Invisible Man as well. I wonder what it's like in comparison