Tuesday, September 27

Book Launch: Tesseracts Fifteen

This is a little late, but I wanted to share with you all the book launch I attended a couple of weeks ago (September 17). I made my way down to Toronto, to do a book store tour, and to attend a book launch at an indie book store - Bakka Phoenix Books - which by the way is an awesome book store that is exclusively Fantasy, Science Fiction Speculative Fiction and all that good stuff! I have found a new love! Seriously, going to a book launch was great, but at times, it was so hard not to be detracted by all the goodies! (And no, I don't mean the snacks they'd laid out for those attending.) I saw  a lot of books there I wanted, found books for series I don't have yet, and so much more. I'm lucky it's in Toronto, and although I'm very close by, I lack a car, so it makes it harder for me to get there on a whim. But, if you live in the area, and love the genre, go there! Go there now!

Oh yeah, the book launch! So the book launch was for the anthology Tesseracts Fifteen: A Case if Quite Curious Tales edited by Julie Czerneda & Susan MacGregor. It's a collection of Canadian Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror etc. Short Stories and poems, and all the good stuff you find in anthologies. A lot of the authors were there who read snipettes from there books and signed the books as well, so it was nice to chat with some them. I was also surprised to see how busy it was there! It was packed, and people say the book is dead? I don't think so!

I didn't get a lot of pictures, as I was busy eyeing up the books I wanted to buy on the shelves and listening to the readings, but I did get a couple. And I missed out on  great group shot of all the authors grouped together holding the books. I was busy trying not to drool over all the books I wanted. Some did come home with me. But more about them later!

 Most of the authors are unknown to me, although a few of them looked familiar, so I'm looking forward to diving into the book - although my bookshelves may hate me later from all the books I might be adding to the book shelves. I'll probably read this book during the 24 hour read-a-thon that is coming up later this month. If you follow this link, you'll get to the publishers' site to find out more details - including the authors who contributed. I would list them, but I just realized, I haven't catalogued this book in my personal records yet. Doh!


  1. I love bookish events, and am so glad that you were able to attend this one! It sounds like you not only got the chance to attend the launch, but also that you found a great new store to peruse and pick through! Great post today, Jules! I loved the enthusiasm!

  2. Zibilee - This was a great event and bookstore - I'm just happy it's far away, or more books would follow me home.

  3. Thanks for the photos! (I'm the one in the plum dress and black sweater) Glad you could make the launch.

    It was hard for me not to come home with armfuls of books too. May have still bought more than I should've. :)

  4. Amanda - You're welcome! Thank you for a great event, I'm looking forward to reading the book (which will be soon). Yes, and now it's even harder not to go back and grab another armful or two of books.