Saturday, August 20

July Wrap-Up!

And another month come and gone. And I'm really, really, really late posting this, but I've been busy. I did a few things this month that were book related, including a sci-fi convention,
here I met Brandon Sanderson I'll talk more about that below. As well as participating in a Canada Day Weekend read-a-thon. I'm still going strong, but think that my goal 0f 125 books for the year may be out of reach, but, still having fun reading and I'm not going to sacrifice what I read, just to reach a number. I rather read books I enjoy, experiment with others, that read a whole bunch of books that I know I will hate, but are super easy to read,

thus reaching a number. So, come see the fun I got into below!

The Books

This month was another good month for reading for me, but I didn't get as many books read as I would have liked. I'm behind by about 10 books to where I wanted to be at this point, but still going strong, I'm enjoying the books I'm reading (for the most part) and I rather be behind on my personal reading goal than to read a bunch of books I will dislike. This month my favourite book was a tie between Three Day Road and Room, but if I could only pick one, Three Day Road would w

in hands down. My least favourite book was The Irish Princess followed by Wings.

I'm still doing very well with the challenges. I'm a little worried whether or not I'll finish the 11 in 11 challenge, but other than that I'm doing well with all of them. And a few of them I'm very close to completing.

Current Challenges

Countries Visited

I've changed the map I've been using, because it wasn't working right for me. And I've forgot I, briefly visited Antartica in a book I read early this year, so I've inc

luded that one. This month I visited Canada, USA, Ireland.

Bookish Events

I had two bookish event this month. One was a 24 hour Canada Day Weekend Read-a-thon called Under the Midnight Sun hosted by John of the Book Mine Set. I read for over 14 hours and finished two book. I hope there's one next year.

The second event I went to was a sci-fi convention in Toronto called - Polaris. This was the 25th anniversary one and had a lot of authors attending. Most of them I missed out seeing, as I was busy trying to do fifty things at once, although I did meet a lot of stars, including Jewel Staite, Ben Browder and Paul McGillion. I also got to meet and chat to Brandon Sanderson. I was able to get the first Mistborn book signed, and eventually bought the last two books in the trilogy. I also got a special newsletter which shows a sneak peak of the next book that is part of the series. origionally had a vlog that showcased this, but it didn't have sound. Sorry! I again, missed meeting Julie Czerneda and again, bought to books by her, that I found out later, were already signed. One of these days I'll get my chance I hope!

Here is me with Brandon Sanderson. Go to my facebook page to see me with everyone else!

Books that Followed Me Home

Only 7 books came home with me this month. Which was good considering when I was at Polaris there was a great independent Fantasy and Sci-Fi book store there which had a lot of books I wanted, or books to finish off the series I have already. Lucky I only came home with 4 books from there. One of the 7 books was a review book from LibraryThing Early Reviewers.

1) Pao - Kerry Young (LTER)
2) Men of the Otherworld - Kelley Armstrong
3) Room - Emma - Donoghue
4) Ties of Power - Julie Czerneda
5) To Trade the Stars - Julie Czerneda
6) The Well of Echoes - Brandon Sanderson
7) The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderon

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