Wednesday, August 31

Book Review: Fire in the Blood

Title: Fire in the Blood

Author: Irène Némirovsky

Pages: 129

Summary: At the center of Fire in the Blood is Silvio: in his younger years he fled the boredom of the village and found a life of travel and adventure. Now he's returned, living in a farmer's hovel in the middle of the woods, and, much to his family's chagrin, perfectly content with his solitude. Soon a young man is murdered and Silvio is drawn back into the complicated life of this small town by memories, scandal and regret. Atmospheric and haunting with the crystalline perfection of Chekhov, Fire in the Blood is a gripping literary find the reconfirms Némirovsky's prowess as a storyteller and uncompromising observer of human nature.

My Rating: 9/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: Némirovsky never seems to disappoint me, she's a wonderful story teller whose narrative pulls you into the story, so you can almost taste the smells and feel the setting around you as the author showcases the setting of the village perfectly, along the French country side. Her writing style flows off the pages, and I was easily able to lose myself in the story.

The characters were written well, so well that they seemed very realistic. Along with the setting, they became very "alive" as I read the story. Silvio in particular was a well drawn character, the author did a good job at showing his characteristics, rather than telling them. In fact, most of the story was written showing the reader what was happening rather than telling them.

I would have liked more time with the characters, I found the book to be too short, but overall, it was a lovely read - there was the right amounts of characterization, storyline, descriptions of setting to evenly balance everything out, and make a perfect set up to the book's climax.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, actually I'd recommend anything the author reads. This book has a lighter mood than some of her others, especially compared to her war time novels. It's well worth reading and may be a good choice for someone who hasn't experienced her yet.

What to read next: I'd recommend more books by the author. Also if you enjoy French literature, I'd say try exploring some of that.

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  1. I actually have not read anything by Némirovsky yet, though I do have a couple of hers on my shelf. She seems like an author that is very capable of capturing mood and emotion and I am really looking forward to trying out something soon. I am glad that you found this book to be so elegantly written!

  2. Zibilee - Némirovsky is a great author, anyone of her books is worth reading, it's hard to say where to start. Hopefully you get a chance to read her soon.

  3. I think this is my favourite Zemirovsky precisely because of the lighter tone in this book.

  4. Marg - my favourite is Suite Francaise. This was a great book, but that one is my favourite so far.

  5. I liked reading all the background information that we got in Suite Francaise rather than the actual story itself. I have read quite a few of her other books as well but need to get back to her work!

  6. Marg - I enjoyed that part too! It was so sad, yet beautiful