Saturday, July 2

Under The Midnight Sun - Read-a-thon

As part of The Canadian Reading Challenge V, which started on July 1, 2011. John of The Book Minds Set is hosting a 24 hour reading challenge - Under the Midnight Sun - to help swing in the 5th year of the reading challenge. Which I'm participating in.

Here's the details
The Under The Midnight Sun Readathon begins today! Reading and blogging about Canadian books for a full 24 hours! (12:00 noon, July 2nd - 12:00 noon July 3rd) Please take the time to encourage and coax these people along. Many people read to fall asleep, so reading (and blogging) for 24 hours could be quite challenging. If you're not taking part, please take the time to visit these blogs and offer your support. If you are taking part, good luck!

Click this link to go to the read-a-thon page.

Here's a list of books I have that I'll try to read for the read-a-thon.

The Fire-Dwellers
Good to Fault
The Piano Man's Daughter
The Heart Specialist
The Tin Flute
Three Day Road
Jade Peony
The English Man's Boy
Valmiki's Daughter

I don't plan on reading all of these, or anywhere close to all, this is just a list of books from my TBR Canadiana books. Good luck to all who are participating. I'll update periodically throughout the day.

FIRST UPDATE: 5 - 6 Hours reading, 1 book read.

Well, I've only read for about 5-6 hours. Dinner, procrastination and a shopping trip that was longer than I though interfered. But I have finished a book. It wasn't bad, but the story line did slow my reading down a bit. I'm still awake, and I'm about to read my next book.

Second Update: 8.5 hours reading 9, 1 book read,

Well I fell asleep/crashed about 1. Doing a read-a-thon, after a busy Canada Day Friday, and a busy first half of the day for July 2, well lets just say it caused me to crash. 6 hours later I'm read to do the last half of the challenge. When I fell asleep, I was about half way through the Jade Peony, which I'm enjoying so far. Hopefully I can squeeze in a third book before the end.

Third Update: 11.5 - 12 hours reading, 2 Books read

3 Hours to for me. So far I've finished 2 books and am about to start my third. Debating which book next, toss up between Broken, The Tin Flute and The Three Day Road. Or maybe a combination! I enjoyed the Jade Peony a lot, gave an interesting out look on the Canadian-Chinese life during the early t0 mid 1900's. More in-depth reviews for my books will come later!

Final Update - Hours Reading 14 - 14.5. I had a nice little power nap for the last hour! 2 books and 1/3 read.

I didn't visit as many of you as I wanted - now's the time for that, but read some good books, and started another - about 1/3 of the way through Three Day Road. I haven't finished the Three Day Road yet so between the two books I read, my favourite was Jade Peony.

I did enjoy the read-a-thon though. I didn't make it anywhere close to the 24 hours, still read some books, now have a few new blogs to check out!

Happy Canada and congrats to all the participants.

Books Read
1) The Fire-Dwellers - Margaret Laurence
2) The Jade Peony - Wayson Choy


  1. Good luck! And I loved Three Day Road, I hope you enjoy it too. I was shocked to find that no one read any Boyden novel for the 4th Canadian Book Challenge.

  2. Good luck with your reading! I haven't read any of the books on your list though The Tin Flute is one that I am always meaning to get to...I have read many of her other books and enjoyed them. Hope you have fun today!

  3. Good luck with the read-a-thon!
    I am not participating because I had other plans (which have been cancelled), but I will try to post a few reviews on Canadian short stories. And of course, I'll pop over the participants' blogs to provide encouragements!

  4. How are you getting on?
    Still a long time to go... I'll be back to cheer for all of you as soon as I wake up!

  5. I'd be blown away if you read all those books today. Great assortment. I'm getting ready to start Dust City by Robert Paul Weston.

  6. Too bad the story line slowed you done, but a whole novel in 5-6 hours is nothing to scoff at! Did you want to link to your thoughts at the Canadian Book Challenge Roundup post or do you wish to write a lengthier review later? Either is fine, by the way.

    Which book is next?

  7. I've never read The Fire-Dwellers, but I absolutely loved The Stone Angel. What are you opening up now?

  8. John - I'll post a actual review later and link it.

    Now I'm reading the Jade Peony

  9. Jade Peony - haven't read that one, hope it's a wide awake read.

  10. Good morning!
    I haven't heard of Jade Peony either.
    Congratulations on finishing your first book!

  11. Good morning and glad to see you back in the game! I've wanted to read the Jade Peony for some time now.

    Is is making sense now that you've returned to it? Sometimes if I drift off asleep while reading, I realize later that I've dreamt alternate endings and wonder why the sexy robots aren't showing up.

  12. John - lol! That's some interesting alternate ending. I am much more clear headed, so I can read a bit faster, and I'm not doing the head bob any more.

  13. You've done great for being so busy before the start! Two large books done is amazing for 12 hours of reading.

  14. Wow! Congratulations on finishing your 2nd book.
    I thought of you when Tim Horton's was mentioned in one of the short stories I read ;)
    You're nearly there; good luck!

  15. Sorry Jules,just realised you weren't the one who mentioned Tim Horton's; Melwyk was. Still mixing up a bit these new to me blogs!

  16. Two books already, I'm impressed!

    I don't know any of the books on your list but I would really like to read Jade Peony the best, I like some other things by Wayson Choy.

  17. Most of the books on my list are ones that have been sitting on my shelf for a while, or are Canadian Authors who I've never read before, so I thought the read-a-thon would be a perfect start to dip into them.

    Tim Hortons (even though I'm not a fan) would have been nice around 12 am for me! Heh.

  18. I agree, Tim Horton's would have come in useful around midnight...but at least I was reading about it ;)

    I found this was a great opportunity to tackle some of those books that have been sitting on my TBR for a while, as well. Loved it.

  19. great job. We hit about the same amount of reading time. I'm glad I interspersed with the children's books. They helped wake me back up.

  20. That's a fair result, I think!
    Well done on completing the read-a-thon!

  21. You did very well with your reading. It was a wonderful event and interesting to see how everyone did. Such great books out there and friendly people.