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June Wrap-Up - The Half-Way Point!

It's July! The year is half over! When exactly did this happen? This year has gone by so fast and so far it's been a good year for me in both personal and reading. This wrap-up will not only include my monthly statics, but some more indepth stats for the entire year. (The latter will appear after the usual warp-up). Also, I'm a couple of days late, but Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians out there!

The Books

It's been another good month of reading for me, I was able to read 10 books this month. Not bad at all if I do say so myself. This month I managed to read three short story collections and branch out my reading to books I'd likely never have picked up if it weren't for my reading challenge. One ebook was included in this months reading. My favourite book of the month a toss up between "Cold Mountain" and "Dust to Dust." Although, if I
had to pick a single short story out of the three collections I read, hands down it would be "Xingu." My least favourite book of the month was "Daughters of Rome."

It's the half way point, and I'm a little under the amount of books I had hoped to have read, I am very happy with my challenge progress. I completed a challenge this month, started a new one and failed one - okay that last one wasn't so good. But I did come close. I failed the S
pring Reading Thing - I always have issues with challenges where you select the books you read before hand. I'm usually okay with selecting a certain type of book, page amount or limiting it to pages or regions, but selecting a list, and sticking to it in a shorter period of time is a challenge for me (it is called a challenge after all) - even if we're allowed to change them, I felt like I cheated my self - had to change numerous books on my list - I came close to finishing, but didn't. Ah well I shall redeem my self when the host hosts her annual fall challenge. I hope!

Completed Challenges
Historical Reading Challenge - Completed June 12, 2011 - 10/10 book read.

Failed Challenges

Current Challenges
11 in 11 - 51/121

This month I visited a few counties including, Canada, USA, Mexico, Congo, and Italy.

Books That Followed Me Home

Only 5 came home with me this month. The Premier Classics Box Set released more titles, so I've been buying the missing gaps, this month I bought the final five I had missing. Even though I previously owned three of the titles.

1) Bleak House - Charles Dickens
2) Little Dorit - Charles Dickens
3) Dracula - Bram Stocker
4) Jude the Obscure - Thomas Hardy
5) Women in Love - D. H. Lawrence

Half-Way Statistics
So I thought I add a little extra to this update, and show some fun statics of the books I've read so far this year.

Genre/Type/Subject Specific etc.
Canadiana (Canadian Books and Authors) - 14 Books
Women Writers - 34 Books
Series - 18 Books
Fantasy/Sci-Fi - 12
1001 Books -7

Fiction: 49
Short Story Collections: 3

Ebooks - 1
Print - 51

Pages Read - 14,334

Ratings Breakdown
Books Rated 9+ : 6
Books Rated 7 - 8.75: 33
Books Rated 5 - 6.75: 11
Books Rated 3.75 and Under: 2

Other Fun Facts
Books Bought / Received: 64

Countries Visited: 15
Afghanistan / Austria-Hungary / Canada / China / Congo / England / France / Ireland / Italy / Mexico / Nigeria / Portugal / Scotland / Ukraine / USA

Bookish Events/Author Meetings: 1 Event, and I think 3 meet-ups.

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