Sunday, June 5

Book Review: Cold Mountain

Title: Cold Mountain

Author: Charles Frazier

Pages: 449

Summary: Sorely wounded and fatally disillusioned in the fighting at Petersburg, Inman, a Confederate soldier, decides to walk back to his him in the Blue Ridge Mountains and to Ada, the woman he loved three years before. His trek across the disintegrating South brings him into the intimate and sometimes lethal converse with slaves and marauders, bounty hunters and witches, both helpful and malign. At the same time, Ada is trying to revive her fathers derelict farm and learn to survive in a world where the cold certainties have been swept away, As it interweaves their stories, Cold Mountain asserts itself as an authentic American Odyssey - hugely powerful, majestically lovely, and keenly moving.

My Rating: 8/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: Another fantastic novel by the author, I did like Thirteen Moons better, but this had the same beautiful writing style, I'd even say it was lyrical, wonderful descriptions o the scenery and nature - you could almost feel the crisp mountain air, this book shouldn't disappoint.

The book is slow moving, which I both enjoyed and didn't at the same time - it was heavy on developing the characters, as the reader follows them on a journey of finding each other, and themselves during the era of the Civil War. I enjoyed watching Ada grow, and Inman struggle for survive as he walked through the wilderness to find his lover, but I found that parts of his story did drag a bit, and would have liked the pace to picked up a little more than it did. I enjoyed his story, but at times it was too slow moving - even for a heavy character development based book. The only other issue of the book, is the amount of minor characters and how they are all connected, there were a few times, I was a little confused on who was who, and how they fit in with the other characters and story as a whole.

The book also shows the other side of the civil war, instead of showing the battles, it shows how those left behind carried on with life, with what little provisions they had, and in a sense struggled for survival. Soldiers are seen throughout the book, as they hunt for deserters and the "enemy", but they are more in the background, and don't overpower the important side of the story, which is self-discovery during a time affected by war.
By far my favourite part of the book is the writing, Charles Frazer is a brilliant writer, trapping you into his books with his style of writing. His descriptiveness, really takes there reader to the same place the characters are, was very impressed. I've read two books by the author, and both times I was amazed by his writing - well worth reading.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, it's a very enjoyable book, well written, the descriptions alone make it worth reading. Also, it's a good choice for readers who enjoy character development heavy books, rather than plot driven.

What to read next: Thirteen Moons

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  1. I tried to read Thirteen Moons for a book club a few months ago, and just couldn't get into it. It was a little too slow and character driven for my liking, and there was something about the story that just didn't capture my interest like I thought it would. I am not sure if I would read this one based on the fact that I disliked the first book, but I did enjoy reading your tightly written and insightful review!

  2. I've had this one on my shelf a long while. It's really time I should be reading it!

  3. I've heard this book is slow, but I'll be reading it later this year for the Civil War Challenge and a Literature and War Readalong, so I guess we'll see. That's the only thing that makes me hesitant.

    Your review will be featured on War Through the Generations on Aug. 8. If I missed any of your other challenge reviews, just let me know!


  4. Zibilee - Both books were written fairly similarly. So if it one didn't work for you, than the other likely won't too. The author seams to appear to a certain type of audience. I find people either like or not like him. Thanks for coming by.

    Jeane - Hope you get the chance, I had it on my shelf for a while to, it's worth (if you like his style) moving up on the tbr list.

    Anna and Serena - It's slow, but the writing is lovely, so I think you should be okay. Thanks for the feature, I completely forgot to email the challenge my link. Nothing yet, I have a review coming, just haven't written it yet, I'll make sure I send you the link.

  5. This book has been on my TBR list for some time. It might be time to pull if off the shelf. Thanks.

  6. I read this book several years ago and loved it. Yes, it's slow moving, but that didn't bother me. The writing style is wonderful. I also liked Thirteen Moons - but I think I liked this one better (don't remember for sure). Great review.

  7. TBM - Hopefully you get a chance to pull it off, if your TBR list is anything like mine, it's hard to choose which to read - but this is worth moving up the list.

    Cheryl Gebhart - Both books by the author were well done. This author is one of those that can get away from a slow moving book, because his style is so well done.