Monday, March 7

February Wrap-Up!

For starters, I would like to know where February went? It whizzed by for me, a stressful month in work related stuff, felt like I had barely enough time to catch my breath, let alone read. But I did manage to get some reading done. Mostly it's been weekend reading, where my brain is to dead from work to do much of anything, so I read all weekend long, ignoring all my chores. Either way, I'm happy with this months reading progress. I may not be up to the total books read I'd hoped, but after month of non-stop go, go go at work, looking back I did awesome!

The Books

This month I managed to read 9 books, which works out to be about 2,869 pages. Overall the month was fairly, mehish for me. I read
more books that were not bad, but not amazing. Also read a few books I didn't care for much at all. Two books do stand out which are Unless by Carol Shields and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Both were spectacular books that captivated me from the first few pages. It's hard to pick a favourite between the two. As for my least favourite, I'd have to go with The Book of Days tied with Alice in Wonderland/Through the
Looking Glass. Both books didn't impress me in the slightest. Moonlight in Odessa isn't far behind them.

The Challenges
I'm in pretty good shape with those. There are two or three I haven't started yet, but I'm not to worried. I have a lot of time for them, and I've been scoping out books for possible choices. I'm pretty muc
h finished the Canadian IV Challenge, in fact I'll probably go over - just because.

11 in 11Challenge - 16/121
100+ Challenge - 17/1001001 Books Challenge - 4/16
2011 Count Down Challenge - 20/66
A - Z Challenge - 15/52
Book Blogger Bucket List - 6/26
Canadian Reading Challenge IV - 12/13
Chunkster Reading Challenge - 0/8
Fantasy Reading Challenge - 3/12
Futeristic and Sci-Fi Challenge - 3/8Global Reading Challenge - 4/21
Historical Fiction Challenge - 1/10
Ireland Reading - 0/6
Mental Illness Advocacy Reading Challenge - 1/16
New Authors Challenge - 9/25Take a Chance III Challenge - 1/10
War Through the Generations - Civil War - 0/5

Countries Visited
This month I visited a few countries including: Canada, USA, Ukraine, France, China, Afghanistan and more outer space!

Books That Followed Me Home

Well, this is a first. No books followed me hom
e this month. Gasp! I did have one book added to my collection, but it was a gift for Valentines Day.

1) Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs

Other Bookish Stuff - Canada Reads

This month was Canada Reads. Which I watched avidly. I followed it through the interwebs, and generally took a great interest in it. I've been meaning to do post about it, but haven't had the time. In quick paragraph. I was a little disappointed, I'd had hopped for a more epic debate, and the book I wanted to win didn't. But it was still interesting, and I loved how much some of my fellow Canadians were participating and supporting their book. This years final five were"

Essex County - Jeff Lemire defended by Sarah Quinn (who was the best debater there) it was the first to be eliminated. I don't like graphic novels, but think its shame how and why it was voted off. Especially considering certain revelations on day two.

The Bone Cage - Angie Abdou - defended by George Laraque - second to be eliminated. Had little interest in the book, but some things said through the debate by Mr. Laraque peeked my interest.

Unless - Carol Shields - defended by Lorrne Cardinal - Third to be eliminated. I was hoping it would win.

The Birth House - Amy McKay - Defend by Debbie Travis (she irked me when I found out she didn't finish one of the books, yet voted two others out, over the one she didn't finish. WTF?) - It was the runner up. Not surprised it didn't win. I enjoyed the book, but don't think it classifies as an essential read. But, despite some issue I had with her, Travis was a good debater at times.

The Best Laid Plans - Terry Falls - Defended by Ali Velshi - WINNER 2011 Canada Reads. Hmm, haven't read book yet. But surpised by this. The defender didn't convince me to read to he book. In fact his aggressive nature to why its an "essential" read, kind of turned me off. I will still try the book, waiting for it in the library. Initially I was very gunhoe about picking up the book, but debates made me reluctant. So we'll see how I feel when I read the book.

All in all I enjoyed the Canada Reads, not what I was expecting but I will be tuning in next year.


  1. I agree with your assessment of Canada Reads, completely! Don't get me started on Debbie Travers. Sheesh!

    I think we pretty much read about the same pace. I think I've read 20 books by the end of February - pretty close. And I'm glad to see someone else who is involved in so many challenges. Are you planning to read Ireland in March? It was my plan, but it's already one week in and I haven't started one yet.
    Happy Reading!

  2. I have been avoiding my chores in favor of reading as well. I haven't actually gotten that much read though, as I have had some serious drains on my time this past month!

  3. Ridergirl3 - Travis made it, colourful at times. Some of her points made me want to scream at her. I felt I read a completely different book. I do plan on reading some Ireland books in March, (actually I already read 1) and may try to read second. Challenges are things I love to join, this year I'm not participating in as many as last year, so hopefully I can finish them all.

    Zibilee - I know what drains of time is like. This past weekend I managed to do a bit of chores, not a lot but a few small things and read! So things are looking up.