Thursday, March 31

Book Review: Haunted

Title: Haunted

Author: Kelley Armstrong

Pages: 448

Summary: Eve Levine - half-demon, black witch, and devoted mother - has been dead for three years. She has a great house, an interesting love life, and can't be killed again, which comes on handy when you've made as many enemies as Eve has. Yes, the after life isn't to bad; all she needs to do is find a way to excommunicate with her daughter, Savannah, and she'll be happy.
But fate - or more specifically, the Fates - have other plans. Eve owes them a favor, and they've just called it in. An evil spirit known as the Nix has escaped from hell. She feeds on chaos and death, and is very good at persuading people to kill for her. The Fates want Eve to hunt her down before she does anymore damage, but Nix is a dangerous enemy - previous hunters have been driven insane in the process. As if that's not problem enough, the only way to stop her is with an angel's sword. And Eve is no angel.

My Rating: 7.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: My least favourite of the series (so far), I found at even though I enjoyed the overall story of this book, I just didn’t think it lived up to the other books.

I was anxious to read this book, as I was interested in reading a book from Eve’s perspective, and the general idea behind the story was very interesting. At times, I was captivated by the story, waiting to see what would happen next, and Armstrong did a fantastic job at creating a fantasy world, especially the world in the afterlife, that seemed believable. I like that even in the after life the characters face hard choices, sacrifices and everything has a pro and con, so to speak. All of her creatures, supernatural humans, all have flaws, strengths and weaknesses. Her ability to have all of those elements and details in her books amazes me, and it makes for a good read when you have an author that pays attention to those details - so far all of her books have followed this path, so the readers won’t be disappointed.
What I didn’t like? Eve. For what ever reason, I just found her character didn’t work. She didn’t seem to have a distinctive voice, or characterization. Her character didn’t seem to be as concrete as the other female protagonists from the other books, so I found Eve, her development and overall voices and thoughts to be jumpy. I’m not sure what it was, but for me something fell apart for Eve’s character. I enjoyed the story about her, and some of the events in the end weren’t what I’d have liked for the character, so I enjoyed her enough to care what happened, but I just found that, when I compare it to other books, her character wasn’t as distinctive as the others from the other books.

I also found that this book was drawn out to much, to the point it got a little repetitive. And some events were to far-fetched, even for fantasy - for example the scene with the pirates. It became to close to fan-fiction at times, than the well thought out plots I loved in earlier books. It wasn’t horrible, these realms were well thought out, and written, but at times I felt myself asking “really? You’re really doing this?” For this book, I think “less is more” would have been better.

Overall it was a good book, but it isn’t a favourite of the series, and it didn’t have the same feel as the other books.

Would I recommend it to read: I’d still recommend it to read. It isn’t my favourite of he series, which I’d recommend over this, but it isn’t a horrible book, it just didn’t have the same appeal to it as the other books in the series I’ve read up to this point.

What to read next: Broken is the next book in the series, so that would be a good choice.

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  1. I didn't think I would like this one since I'm not a huge fan of Eve but despite that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I look forward to Broken.

  2. Your summary paragraph made this one sound so good, but the reality of it seemed like it just didn't work. I have not read any of the books in this series, but would be willing to try the first one out after reading about how highly you esteem it.

  3. Linda - I'm also looking forward to Broken, alot of people have said this one can be skipped - it looks like there are a few who didn't like the book.

    Zibilee - It's always a letdown when the summary of the book is so interesting, and the book is just not. The first book in the series is a very good read. And as a whole, the series is worth checking out.