Sunday, March 13

Book Review: Evening Snow Will Bring Such Peace

Title: Evening Snow Will Bring Such Peace

Author: David Adams Richards

Pages: 226

Summary: Cindi and Ivan Baterache have been married only twenty months. There is a disagreement over a loan, and rumours of violence in the ensuing quarrel being to spread throughout the northern New Brunswick mill town in which they live, setting in motion a series of events and misunderstandings. As Ivan struggles to reconcile with Cindi, the community turns against him, fuelled by his father's self-deluded lies and misguided attempts to set things right, exposing the other side of good intentions and leading to the novel's powerful conclusion. Disturbing, tender-hearted, and at times darkly humorous, Evening Snow Will Bring Such Peace is unforgettable as it reveals the strange unrecognized power in us all to shape one another's destinies.

My Rating: 6.75/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I have to say, David Adams Richards is an exceptional writer. He has a very simple style to describe and tell a story, but he is able to create a very dark and depressing mood, huge descriptive passages (which I do love to have), but he is able to lay out the entire scene and emotion of the story, with a simple story telling. He’s a wonderful writing, but I just couldn’t connect to the story.

It was very dark and depressing at times, and I wasn’t able to connect to any of the characters. I think its good story on how peoples preservatives of events are skewed by their own observations, as well as others observations and how rumours are created and often taken out of context. It is also an interesting examination on how people observe them selves and how they think others observe them. Overall the idea behind the story was solid, but I felt it didn’t work for me, because I couldn’t connect to the characters to really care enough about them to want to understand what they were going through, and why they were doing some of the actions they did.

Would I recommend it to read: I didn’t enjoy it that much, but I would still recommend it to read. I think there are many readers out there would enjoy the writing style and storytelling abilities by the author, as well as enjoy the overall story and characters themselves. It didn’t work very well for me, but many others would likely feel differently.

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  1. It's so hard for me to review a book when the writing was just luminous, but the story was so depressing and lackluster. I can understand your reactions to this book, and the fact that you never quite connected with the characters probably made it a lot more difficult for you as well. Thanks for your honest review on this one. I think I will probably skip it, but I will be interested in finding out of you will read the final installment.

  2. sometimes the books i read are better for other people, too, LOL :) better luck next time!

  3. Zibilee - I will be reading the final installment, I think there will be similar themes, but the author is good writer, so I'll give it a read.

    Marie - There's been a few books as of late that are that way. Ah well, win some lose some.