Sunday, February 27

Book Review: Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Title: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (and What Alice Found There)

Author: Lewis Carroll

Pages: 327

Summary: When Alice tumbles down, down, down a rabbit hole one hot summer’s afternoon in pursuit of a White Rabbit she finds herself in Wonderland. Here begins the fantastical adventures that include extraordinary changes in size, swimming in a pool of her own tears, and attending the very maddest of tea parties. For Wonderland is no ordinary place and the characters that populate it are quite unlike anybody young Alice has ever met before. In this imaginary land she encounters the savagely violent Queen, the Lachrymose Mock Turtle, the laconic Cheshire Cat, and the hookah-smoking Caterpillar, each as surprising and outlandish as the next. Alice’s adventures have made her the stuff legend, the child heroine par excellence, and have made Lewis Carroll’s book one of the best loved and most widely read in children’s literature.

My Rating: 3.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I’ve never read this book before, I’ve probably read some picture book version at some point in my life, and I’ve seen the Disney movie, but this was my first experience at reading the novel it was inspired by and I have to say, I really didn’t like it.

The story itself isn’t bad, in fact it was a very imaginative and original story I can at least give it that. A very imaginative world, filled with a cast of magical creatures, talking animals and a lot of curious events and objects all found in wonderland. But then it just falls apart. Carroll is a good story teller, a wordsmith, but the story just fell apart.

The entire book (or books, as both are merged into one in this case) was a jumbled mess of events, that don’t come together at all. Thoughts are scrambled around on the pages, none of which flow into the next. Ideas were left open, instead of having things flow together everything is abrupt and makes no sense, there isn’t even story to follow. It was just pieces of a story that was thrown together for the reader to attempt to decipherer.

I didn’t enjoy any of the characters, although only the Cheshire Cat, did have it’s moments. There wasn’t much in development, as everything just happens for the sake of it happening.
One good thing about the book, is the pieces of verse and poetry found throughout. Carroll is a fantastic writer in this regard; I wish the story of Alice was told through pieces of verse and poetry instead of a novel. If it had been broken up like that, at least it would have been easier to follow and perhaps more coherent. Jabberwocky is a perfect example of this. But they way it was written didn’t work out well at all.

Perhaps I’m too old to get the story, but it just wasn’t a good read.

Would I recommend it to read: Not sure I would, even for children who might have fun with the “wackiness” I don’t think it’s a very good read, thre are plenty of other “classic” children’s tales to read.

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  1. I have never read this either, but your comment that it was disorganized makes me think I should avoid it. I love the idea of reading it, but the practicalities don't sound fun at all.

  2. Zibilee - I was rather surprised in how much I didn't like the book. It's so different than what I remember from the film. Maybe I'm just to "old" to get the book. ;)

  3. I just read this a few months ago and just had a hard time staying awake when I read it. I never became engaged with the story or the characters. It is rather clever in many parts, though.

  4. Shelley - Clever in how he imagined it all? I can agree on that level. It wasn't not at all what I expected it though. Nice to see I'm not the only one out there. So many are captivated by the story.

  5. You are to be commended- few readers are willing to put themselves out there with a negative review of a classic. That is why so many people think they need to read this, afterall, it is a great book. NOT! I had such a hard time getting thru it. I like the idea of the story but I agree it is franetic and very jumbled. I did enjoy the movie though- but who doesn't like Johnny Depp?

  6. Momma was thinking - Thank you. I think it's important to be honest about reviews, it's just my opinion after all, but I'm not going to hold back because it's negative. I haven't seen the Johnny Depp yet, but want too see it. He's a great actor, and Tim Berton always makes very unique spins on his movies based on books etc.