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Book Review: A Matter of Honor

Title: A Matter of Honor (Stargate SG-1 3 Part 1)

Author: Sally Malcolm

Pages: 236

Summary: Five years after Major Henry Boyd and his team, SG-10, were trapped on the edge of a black hole, Colonel Jack O’Neill discovers a device that could bring them home.

But it’s owned by the Kinahhi, and advanced and paranoid people, besieged by a ruthless foe. Unwilling to share the technology, the Knahhi are pursing their own agenda in the negotiations with Earth’s diplomatic delegation. Maneuvering through a maze of tyranny, terrorism and deceit, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Major Samantha Carter and Teal’c unravel a startling truth - a revelation that throws the team into chaos and forces O’Neill to face a nightmare he is determined to forget.

Resolved to rescue Boyd, O’Neill marches back into the hell he swore never to revisit. Only this time, he’s taking SG-1 with him . . .

My Rating: 8.25

What I liked/disliked about the book: Another Stargate Book for me, this time it’s SG-1. These books are becoming addictive for me. They aren’t the best books I’ve read, and they have their flaws, but I can’t help but to devour the stories. I guess being a huge fan of the show, and mad the show is no longer on - I have to get my Stargate fix somewhere. This book is a two parter, and it takes off from a story from the series, where we never got complete closure.

The characters for the most part were well done and true to what we see on the show, there are some things I’m rising an eye brow too (Teal’c style), but I am very particular on my characters and how they are portrayed. Other reviews have pointed out and I agree, that some of the reasons the characters are shown in the way in the book, is because we don’t have the visual affect of an episode to show us what is happening. Facial expressions (which any fan will know is how Teal’c conveys most of his emotions and thoughts) are hard to do in print, without getting excessive.

I love the story, it’s so true to an actual episode, and it just left me there hanging. I do have the next book, but I’m waiting a bit to read it. But, it works very well with the series, and fits well into what we’ve learned so far.

Would I recommend it to read: Only to fans of the TV series. This isn’t really a book or series for that matter where you can pick the book up and enjoy it. Although for the most part all of the books are standalones, they refer to actual episodes of the TV show and the events that happened, so you’d be lost if you aren’t familiar with them. However, if you’ve watched the show, then I would recommend the book to read. It was very well done. I am impressed.

What to read next: The Cost of Honor (Stargate SG-1 5 Part 2) (for whatever reason, although this is a two part series, a book appears between the two.)

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  1. I never got into this show, but I know that it was on for a long time. It's good to hear that this book answered so many questions for you and stayed true to the series. I bet the next book will be great for you too!