Saturday, January 22

2011 Goals and some other stuff.

So January is pretty much over, but I finally have found the time (and energy) to sit down and write out some "goals" for 2011, what challenges I'm participating in and all of that other stuff. Lately work has been insanely busy - I am glad I finally have some time to get get caught up in blogging, currently have five reviews to write.


I had thought of having actual goals, and make a list, but when I do that I feel bad for not being able to do then. Instead I have a list of things I plan on working, but don't necessarily need to be completed.

- Read about 125 books (This one is one I really want to do, but not sure if it is possible with everything that goes on in my life.)

- Finish my challenges. I didn't go a crazy this year with challenges. I only signed up for 16, two of which were ongoing from last year. And this time around I focused only on ones I know I can actually finish, while still branching out my reading horizons.

- Branch out my reading horizons. I did this last year and I was surprised. I never pictured my self reading any type of paranormal romance books or urban fantasy, but I took a chance and found a great series. There are some books of course I won't ever really read, and some genres. But taking a dip here and there has proven to be interesting.

- I plan on going to book related convention this year. I will not be attending BEA. It's to expensive for me to go for this year, and hard for me to get to. Why can't they have Canadian version of that I'll never know. But there is Ad Astra. Which is a convention directed towards Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres of books. I'm excited about going. If you live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and love books, you should check it out. I also plan on going to Polaris. Which is more of a science fiction/horror/fantasy convention of TV and Movies, but does have some authors going. First time for both, but the author lists look fantastic! Maybe 2012 I'll be able to go to BEA!

- I'd love to meet bloggers! I know there are Canadian bloggers out there, and I'd love to have a blogger meet up. It would be nice to see them in the flesh.

Okay, so there are my "goals" for the year. Now for my challenges. You can view more details about the challenges by clicking on the "2011 Challenges" link at the top of the page)


1) 11 in 11 - 121 books to read to finish
2) 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die - 16+ books to read to finish
3) 2011 Countdown Challenge - 66 Books to read to finish (on-going from 2010)
4) A - Z Challenge - 52 books to read to finish
5) Book Blogger Bucket List - 26 Books to read to finish
6) Canadian Reading Challenge IV - 13 Books to to read to finish (on-going from 2010)
7) Chunkster Reading Challenge - 8 books to read to finish
8) Fantasy Reading Challenge - 12 Books to read to finish
9)Futeristic/Sci-Fi Reading Challenge - 8 books to read to finish
10) Global Reading Challenge - 21 books to read to finish
11) Historical Reading Challenge - 10 books to read to finish
12) Ireland Reading Challenge - 6 books to read to finish
13) Mental Illness Advocacy Challenge - 12 books to finish **
14) NaJuReMoNoMo - read novels for the month of January
15) New Authors Challenge - 25 books to read to finish
16) Take a Chance 3 Challenge - 10 books to read to finish
17) War Through the Generations -5 books to read to finish

** For the Mental Illness Advocacy challenge, since it is a topic close to heart for me, when I complete the challenge I will be making a donation to the Schizophrenia Society of Canada. I think it is so important to advocate for all aspects of mental illness and support those and their families who are affected by it.

And that's it for my goals for the year. Now on to write those five reviews.

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  1. You have some great goals.I'm hoping to finish all of the challenges I've signed up for this year too. Good luck.