Friday, December 31

Secret Santa / Book Loot

I may be a bit late, but finally posting my book blogger Secret Santa gifts. Along with the newest, and last editions of books added to my collection of 2010!

This was my first year participating in any of the Secret Santa / Holiday book exchanges, but I have to say I had a great time choosing something for my Santees. And will likely be doing it again next year. The two I participated in this year were the Book Blogger Holiday Swap and Secret Santa

So for the Book Blogger Holiday Swap, who only revealed themselves as "A" got me two books. Geektastic (which I've started reading and am enjoying!) as well as Crazy Heart, which I have never heard of, but it looks like a good book, and a bit of a different read for me. So thank you "A"! - And I hope to update more for 2011! I know I disappeared, but between vacation, getting sick (ended up with slight infection in lungs), Christmas obligations = less time to blog. I'm going to try to do a better job at balancing life, reading and blogging this year!

For Book Lover's Secret Santa I got the same person who I sent a my Book Lover's Secret Santa too! Imagine that.  Comebackniki from 10eleven, sent me The Year of Wonders, some chocolate goodies, including hot chocolate, a book mark, notepad and pens! I'm saving the book for 2011 (which is here) for the A - Z Challenge, it will help me fill in that Y title. Thank you Comenackniki!

Other Bookish Loot!

Well first bookish loot I have came from my vacation. I went on a cruise (had a blast) and one of the stops was in Key West, so of course this bookish geek, had to do the Hemingway House Tour, and the Hemingway House Tour wouldn't be complete without having some books follow me home! These books are extra special, because they include a Hemingway House Plate and Stamp on each book. I was very good, only four books were allowed to come home with me. I wanted more, but I told myself to be good. The Hemingway House itself is lovely. I've included a couple pictures of it too! If you're in Key West, stop by, they give a good history of him.

 On the left are the books (To Have and Have Not, Farwell to Arms, For Whom the Bell Tolls and Green Hills on Africa.) On the Right is a closeup of one of the stamps. Shiney collectors editions!
 On the Left is a picture of Hemingway's famous house (and cat sanctuary). On the right is a picture of an adorable six-toed cat. Which is one from the original Hemingway cat blood line.
On the Left is a picture of me, standing in front of a giant book case, filled with old (and drool worthy books.)  On the right is me standing beside a Hemingway look-a-like (or maybe it's the guy from the Old Man and the Sea), he was one of the tour guides.

The pictures are from the loft above the shed. This was Hemingways reclusive spot, for when he wanted to write and not be bothered by anyone. At the time there was a walk way across from the house to here, and only he was allowed in side.

So that was my trip, and some of my souvenirs from my trip.

Finally, above is all my Bookish Loot I had given or I bought (with xmas money/ gift cards, so technically they're still gifts!) I promised my self I wouldn't start any new series until I finish up some of the ones I have on the go, but The Outlander books look so good. And my cousin go the whole set for Christmas, so I had to get at least one! The Flashforward and Hunt and Run were from my Boyfriend. (Hunt and Run is number 13 in the series, books are stand alone, but now I need to get the rest of the series, it's only proper!) And Robert Sawyer will apparently be at AdAstra (a bookish related Sci-Fi/Fantasy Con), so hopefully I can meet him! Book of Days is my LTER book from December, I just received. And the rest are either books that have been on my TBR list for a while, or they are books that will help me with some of my challenges (Bell Jar, Widow of the South, Mistress of Nothing and Quartran (Yah! Another book for the Q requirement for the A - Z challenge!). Overall some great loot, and I'm itching to go and get more! I'm dying to run out to a used bookstore, see what treasures are there. I always find after christmas there are some great treasures, because people get books they don't like and send them away to the book store. Sigh!


  1. Wow. Between the loot and the souvenirs, you're all set for reading in 2011! :-) I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Take care of yourself and have a great new year!

  2. My gosh, you got a lot of great stuff there! I really like the Hemingway books that have the seal on them, and I love the Secret Santa gifts that you got. I also bought the latest in the Outlander series, but I am still only on book 5 and have a ways to go till I get to it! I hope you have an amazing New Year and that all your new loot is wonderful as well!