Thursday, December 23

November Wrap-Up

Okay, so this is a bit late. And by a bit, I mean a lot especially considering the December/Year-Wrap up is just around the corner. But I have good reasons for this being late. I was on vacation for a week. So I had no computer access, then I got a bad cold, and was sick in bed. And then, I sort of got lazy. But here it is, my November Wrap-Up!

This month (November) I only managed to read 4 books. Not my best month I have to admit. And two books weren't my favourites. Although I did enjoy the other two books I read. My favourite of the group is by far, Day After Night, my least favourite was Murder at the Vicarage.

The Books

1) Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie - 8/10
2) The Jewel of St. Petersburgh - Kate Furnville - 8.5/10
3) Murder at the Vicarage - Agatha Christie - 6/10
4) Day After Night - Anita Diamant - 9.25/10


Oi! This is where I say, I think I went in over my head in challenges. Oh boy! At least I'm having fun with them, and I'm not to upset I haven't finished most of the ones I started. I know now which ones I'll be doing next year, (and there will be a lot again, not as much as this year) and which ones I will stay away from. This month I did complete a challenge, but also didn't a challenge.

Completed Challenges
The Marple Poitot Holmes Challenge - 6/6 Books Read - Completed on November 27, 2010.

On-Going Challenges

10/10 Challenge - 68/100
18th and 19th Century Women Writers - 2/3
100+ Challenge - 75/100
A - Z Challenge - 41/52
Bibilophilic Challenge - 4/6
Canadian Book Challenge IV - 10/13
Centuries Challenge - 2/?
Chick Lit Challenge - 0/8
Decades Challenge - 3/10
Ebook Challenge - 1/6
Fall into Reading Challenge - 5/25
Flashback Challenge - 0/6(+?)
Finish that Series Challenge - 0/3 Series
Jane Austen Challenge - 0/4
Reading Through the Seasons Challenge - 1/4
RYOB Challenge - 42/50
Support Your Local Library Challenge - 33/50
TBR Lite Challenge - 0/6
A Tournament of Reading - 1/3
War Through the Generations: Vietnam - 2/5
Women Unbound Challenge - 5/8

Did not Finish Challenges

451 Reading Challenge - 3/7

Countries Visited

Palestine, Israel, Russia (I was a little confused, where exactly Day After Night took place. So I'm using both)

visited 40 states (17.7%)
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Books that Followed Me Home

I'm actually unsure what books followed me home for November and December, so I'll make a master list for December Wrap-Up!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy Holidays to you and your family! Have a safe holiday season everyone!

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