Friday, December 31

December Wrap Up

So I'm posting this as a December 31, 2010 post. No I didn't go back in time, but that would be cool. Anyways, I'm finally doing my December Wrap Up!

December wasn't the best month for me for reading. I had a vacation, which is where I read most of my books, but then I got a bad cold (all better now, thanks for all the well wishes) but it prevented me from reading. The Christmas and all that. But I did read some great books, a lot of books followed me and the challenges..... errr, I'll get to that later!

The Books

I only read three books this month. Most of the time the reading took place on my vacation. All three books I read this month were good reads. Here they are. I don't really have a favourite or least favourite of the month. I started a new serious, which I was hopping to avoid until I got caught up in my other series books, but it was worth it. And Kelley Armstrong's books are becoming addicting. They have flaws, but they are my guilty pleasure book.

1) The French Lieutenant's Woman - John Fowles  8/10
2) Dime Store Magic - Kelley Armstrong (just realized the other day I've been spelling her name wrong. Face Plant!) 8.5/10
3) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson - 8/10

The Challenges

Well, lets see here, this was the last month for all but 2 challenges. All the ongoing ones..... well lets just say....... uhm. This year will be better? I didn't finish a single remaining one. I was so close with the A - Z, had all the books on hand, hadn't I been sick, I would have finished that one. The Library one and the RYOB one for sure.  Oh well, I had fun with them.  I normally list all the details for my challenges, but I will do that with my year end wrap up post. Since all the challenges are virtually the same as last post.

Countries Visited

The map and I seem to be having a fight. So sadly cannot add one this time around.

Books that Followed me Home

This will be covered in my Year end Wrap Up!

Okay, so this is not the normal format, but most of what but a lot of the stuff here, will be repeated in year end wrap up post. Although I am slightly concerned with how many books really did come home with me this year.

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