Tuesday, December 14

Breif Update!

So, I've been gone for a while, and I do apologize, I've been busy with work, a lot of stuff going on there, and then I went on vacation for a week, in fact I just returned yesterday. I was on a Cruise (in fact this cruise had the Backstreet Boys on it, I wasn't part of that, but still had sightings). I went to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico - but now I have a nasty cold, thanks to Miami airport, who had the A.C. cranked way up, and me sitting in there for over five our, plus 3 hour plane ride, with A.C. cranked. Flordians like their AC - even when its "cold" out side - in their standards. I went from 60 - 78 degree weather to -14 plus windchill of - 18 - 20. So they can shut up about the cold - its so cold out, it can't even snow. Yup, this little Canuk lives, its to cold to bloody snow!

I have a lot of posts to do too. One more review from November, my November wrap up, two reviews from books I finished on the cruise, a third one will likely be coming soon, as I'm almost done. And a special post of new book swag!

Also, I want to sat thank you to my secret santa from Book Blogger Holiday Swap! I got your gift yesterday! Awesome. I will make a more formal post, and share with you all. You're book choices for me were amazing, I can't wait to share them with you all!

For now, I'm going to rest, and fight this cold!


  1. Hey Jules! Good to see you back!! I am sorry to hear that you got sick though, and am hoping that you are fully recovered soon. It sounds like you did have a nice trip despite the flaws. I will be interested in hearing about what you have been reading and getting the chance to see your gift from the blogger swap!!

  2. Sorry, this is really random, but I was wondering where you ordered your set of Premier Classics? They're really amazing.

  3. Zibilee - Glad to be back, still sick. I think I have Laryngitis, cant talk very well. Trip went well, I do miss the warm weather. Hope to get caught up soon. I'm also excited about sharing my secret Santa swag!

    Asil - Not random at all, I got the set from Chapters/Indigo. It's a big chain store in Canada. I'm not sure if you can order it online, or if you have to go into the store and asked for it. I bought it from the store, and had to wait a couple of days so they could get all the titles, but they are lovely editions.

  4. Oh I know Chapters!
    Thanks so much!!