Sunday, October 10

Read-a-thon Update: Final

Throwing in the towel, exhausted. I've been up since 5:45 am yesterday. So its been 22 hours of being awake. Happy with my progress. I'll do a more official update/finished report tomorrow when Im more awake. Good luck to the rest of you!

Currently Reading:

Pages Read: 1068

Books Finished -
1) Hearts at Stake (248 pages)
2) Sixth Surrender (last 162 pages)
3) Ireland (finished the last 198 pages)
4) Stolen (461 Pages)

Cups of Coffee Consumed: 3

Hours of Reading - 17 hours.

Books Marks Tonks the kitten has stolen and hidden away: 2
Books Marks Tonks has attacked: 5


  1. Great job Jules! I hope you rest well!

  2. Thanks Amanda and Linda!

  3. I like the kitty stats! ;) Congrats on your RaT accomplishments!

  4. diaryofaneccentric - Thank you! I had to include Tonks in my read-a-thon stats, since she joined in the fun as well. In here own way mind you. She loves book marks, alot. I'm going to have to out books I'm currently reading up high, as at night when I'm sleeping, she disagrees where they have been placed in the books. Doh!