Thursday, October 21

Book Review Stolen

Title: Stolen

Author: Kelly Armstrong

Pages: 461

Summary: : Elena Michaels may be the world’s only female werewolf, but she’s just a regular girl at heart - and she certainly doesn’t believe in witches. At least not until a forceful encounter with two small, ridiculously feminine women who lure her into a carefully laid trap. . . .

Vampires, demons, shamans, witches - in Stolen they all exist, and they’re all under attack. An obsessed tycoon with a sick curiosity is well on his way to amassing a private collection of supernaturals, and plans to harness their powers for himself- even if it means killing them. For Elena, kidnapped and imprisoned deep underground, separated from her Pack unable to tell her friends from her enemies, choosing the right allies is a matter of life and death.

My Rating: 8.75/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I have to say, I really enjoyed the second book in Kelly Armstrong’s “Women of the Otherworlds” series, which has got me addicted to the storyline and characters - and it has me itching to find out what happens next . I actually ran out and bought the next book in the series, so I can read it sooner rather than later, and will likely try to get my hands on book four and five soon too.

One of the noticeable things, which I enjoyed a lot was Elena’s character development. A lot of the issues I had with her from the first book, weren’t there in the second, or at least not as much, so she became a much more enjoyable character, with a very hilarious sense of humour. I found a lot of the characters seemed to be more formed and developed, which makes for a good read.

I enjoyed the storyline for this and found it interesting to read about Armstrong’s version of the various paranormal creatures out there. I especially enjoyed all the paranormal “creatures” debunking some myths about themselves. I was also very happy to see this book concentrate more on the paranormal history, Armstrong’s version of the individual paranormal creatures/spieces and developing the characters, and less romance, although it was still there, I found it to be toned down, and aspects of the story I liked shone through, with the romance stuff, left in the background -which is a very fine balance in my books.

Even the writing seemed to have improved here, from the thoughts and voices of the characters, to the main narrative, I found everything came together well. It seems the author really has a strong grasp on her characters and plot, and this is only the second book. It’s rare to see everything so firmly developed so early in a series, which I’m very happy to see. I also love her sarcastic sense of humour in the books, and her humour in general. I was laughing out loud at times.

What I didn’t like. I don’t remember one main thing I disliked, mostly a bunch of things here and there. I would have liked to see more on how the other werewolves, especially Clay where reacting to Elena’s disappearance, it would have been nice to see the other side of it, although then it wouldn’t be the “Women of the Otherworlds,” and I felt that held in captivity part of the story was a dragged out a little longer than I would have liked. I was hoping for a breakout sooner, rather than later, but there weren’t any major issues I had with the book. The damage to the bank account and bookshelves because I’ll have to buy the rest of the series, does that count as a negative?

Overall, it was a great book, I’m really enjoying my dip into paranormal books, and glad I found a series I can really enjoy.

Would I recommend it to read: Definitely! If you liked the first book, the you will liked this one, maybe even a little more than the first. This book really moved the series forward for me, and it looks like readers will see some great things to come. If your not a fan of paranormal books, then it may not be the book for you but the series, so far, has got me into paranormal/paranormal romance, even if it is just a little, and I never thought I’d enjoy it as much as I am.

What to read next: Dime Store Magic is the next book in the series, which I’ve already ran out and grabbed. Industrial Magic comes after that, and debating grabbing it soon as well.

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  1. I haven't read any books by Armstrong yet, but do have the first of this series on my shelf. From what you say, it sounds promising and like something I'd probably like. I think I have held off because of the romance elements, but it doesn't seem like this is a problem, really. Thanks for the great review!

  2. I'm really enjoying the series and I hear it keeps getting better. Dime Store Magic was good. Looking forward to Industrial Magic.

  3. Zibilee - The romance elements are there, but I find they don't overpower the rest of the story. I was very surprised in how much I enjoy the series.

    Linda - Dime Store Magic is next on my list, and is sitting on my shelf now. It sounds promising as does Industrial Magic. It's such a fantastic series huh?