Friday, October 29

Book Review: The Body in the Library

Title: The Body in the Library

Author: Agatha Christie

Pages: 192

Summary: Colonel and Ms. Bantry are shocked when they wake on morning to find the dead body of a young platinum blonde on the floor of their library. Nobody in the village of St. Mary Mead seems to know who she is, but everyone as a theory about the crime. The ensuing investigation follows a twisted trail from this quiet village to an upscale hotel in the nearby town of Danemouth, where the victim worked as a ballroom dancer and bridge hostess. As the local inspectors sift through emerging clues to identify a suspect, Miss Jane Marple, St. Mary Mead’s resident sleuth, always seems to be one step ahead of them.

My Rating: 5.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I wasn’t very interested in the story or the whole mystery behind the body that was found in the library, and I didn’t really try to put all the pieces together, although I did figure out who did it in the first place. I much would have preferred if someone else were the murderer, I had this wild crazy second theory, because the story began to bore me. It just wasn’t a story that impressed me much. No character sparked my interest, the story and crime solving process just passed by me, and I wasn’t interested or excited as the “secrets” and clues were revealed. The story just passed by for me, I read it, and then I as finished it. It didn’t leave any impressions on me, or convince me I should read more by the author. Or the crime solving detective, I was hoping I would like her, but now I’m not sure if I like Miss Marple as a mystery solver. She wasn’t what I expected, I think I was expecting more from her, but perhaps she was just having an off day. Whatever it was, my first impressions of her weren’t that great.

This being my second Agatha Christie novel, I have to say I’m glad it wasn’t my first, as it would have likely turned me off the author. The story isn’t horrible, nor is the writing style, but it isn’t that good. I much prefer the other book I’ve read by her, and hope that this one was just a fluke.

Would I recommend it to read: I wouldn’t recommend this particular book, but I think I’m still interested in the author enough to recommend other books by her.

What to read next: I’d try other mysteries by the author. This one didn’t do it for me, but she is one of the master detective-mystery novelist out there (by reputation, I’ve only read two books by the author), so I’d give them a try.
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  1. I have never read anything by Agatha Christie so far but definitely want to sometime. I'll make sure to stay clear of this one, especially for my first book!

  2. Oh my! this books does sounds as though it's rather disappointing, and probably not something that I would really enjoy. I am sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy this one and you summarized your feelings about it particularly well.

  3. Arielle - Not the best one out there, but you should try The Murder on the Orient Express, much better book. Hope you get a chance to try the author soon.

    Zibilee - It was rather disappointing, but what can you do? I think this book may have been a fluke for me. I finished it, so that says something.