Sunday, September 5

TSS - Updates

It's been a loooong time. But yes I'm still here. So instead of doing my usual August Wrap-Up, which isn't going to be hard, as I didn't finish a single book for August month, I'm going to do an update, and let you know about some up coming posts and some updates with me.

First part of the reason I didn't get much reading or blogging is because there were some big, big changes going on in my life. All great changes, so don't worry, nothing bad has happened.
to a new city. So there was the stress of getting a new place, and then packing my stuff up so I can move. Eventually the books were packed up, and then the day after I moved I had a conference to go to - Fan Expo Canada. It's similar to the Comic Con down in the US. A Sci-Fi, horror, anime, gaming, and comic convention - little more on that later. In any even, lots of changes in my life, a bit of a stressful month, as I'm still have issues with Internet and phone, so there's another reason for my absence. Hopefully that is resolved soon.

Also, I would like to apologize to anyone who has sent me review books. Things, got a bit overwhelming for me, and tying up loose ends/new job took precedent. I hope to have all review books read by the end of September.
Up coming posts

1) IMM /Author Meet Ups - Fan Expo (It's a combined post, but the blend in together, so one post)

2) The Book Shelf Project - I finally got my book shelves organized. They look great, I hope to have a post, to show the trials and triumphs of it.

3) Mockingjay Review - I have about 80 pages left

4) The Book of Human Skin Review.

5 - 7) 3 Other Review Books Reviews

8) Bitten Review

9) Bleak House Read-A-Long - I hope to catch up soon, and do a big update. We'll see how things go.

So, I have a lot planned, some of these will be posted tomorrow. As it won't take long to do.

My final update, which is a super, awesome amazing update. Introducing the newest member of my house hold.....


I've wanted a cat since I could say, cat. Now I have her. She's 12 weeks old, and I named her Tonks, after Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter Series. She's a sweet heart, cuddely and likes to nap in my lap, so I can read all day while she snoozes.

Hope to see you soon, and yes, I'm officially black in the blogger world.


  1. Tonks is cute! We recently adopted 2 cats - unlike you do I'd never been a cat person (don't hate them, just indifferent... never had pets). But my husband really wants to have cat(s) since he grew up with them. So now after married for 6 years, we got 2!

    Have fun with Tonks!

    My reading had definitely slowed since we got the cats... I'd been reading up on cats stuff online (since I don't know anything about them!) rather than reading books...

  2. Christa - She is huh? Can't help but stare at her all day. I hope your 2 cats are well. Reading last night slowed, as she likes to attack the book I'm reading, or while I'm blogging, she likes to walk on the keyboard :)

  3. So glad to see you back, Jules! Your cat is adorable and I am sure that you two will have great fun reading together! Also, congratulations on the move! I know moving can be pretty stressful, so I am glad to hear that things are getting back to normal. I look forward to haring more from you and reading your thoughts on the books you've been reading!

  4. I want a cat, but my husband keeps saying no. Too much trouble. Too much work. Lucky you.

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