Monday, September 6

The Bookshelf Project

As I said in my last post, I mentioned I moved, which means I finally have more space, which means, more bookcases, for my ever growing collection of books. The end result, is that now all my books have a place on the bookshelves. Even better, the two new bookcases I bought, actually have room and the holes for a six shelf. Which means I have some leeway and room to grow. So, this past weekend, I had time to unpack and sort out the books, and put them on the bookshelves, it was a big project, but the end result looks fantastic. See pictures below and details on the triumphs and difficulties I had.

So here is the before shot, of both the bookshelves and tote bins, box and hand bag filled with books. This is of my new place, I unfortunately don't have before pictures of what my bookshelves looked before the move, but lets just say, over 100 were piled on the floor, others were double stacked, and overall a big mess.

Here is close up of the bookshelves, before all of the books are on them. The dark oak ones are my new ones, at the bottom, you can see a big gap, there is actually space built in for a sixth shelf, but only five came with them. Only five were suppose to be there, but it was still constructed to have six. It must be why they were on sale for half the price. Either way, I have room to grow in my book collection. For now. So I'm happy. And on the lookout for the proper size for extra shelves.

Here's a shot of the bins/boxes etc. Where my books have been living for a few weeks. I'm glad they're finally out. The ones at the bottom, dark blue and white, are for the most part, the first half of the alphabet. Although parts of series from the end are in there too. The other metallic blue ones, are the last half of the alphabet. Finally, the box and hand bag is the Premier Classics Set. The box is to small to hold all of them, so the left over went into the hand bag.

Here is part of the book collection, for the most part it's in alphabetical order although the 3 stacks on the left, and half the fourth from the left are not, as they kept falling down, so I had to stack them differently to ensure I wouldn't be harmed in an avalanche of books. The stacks fell a few times before I fixed this. It took a long time, but I wanted to be able to easily grab a handful of books and place them on the shelves, instead of having to look for the ones I needed.

The Premier Classics Set, and the rest of the collection, including some doubles of books as I have a few extra copies of the Premier Classic books. Pretty much none of the books are in the right order here, which took quite a long time to re-shelve, as I had to hunt for the titles.

Three shots of the finished project. I shelved the Premier Classics Set first, then normal fiction. After that I have my short story collections (only if there are multiple authors contributing) Reference (aka 1001 Books to Read Before You Die) and non fiction. It's shelved in alphabetical order by author, sub-divided by series name and title.

Fun Facts!

I have 453 Books. 7 are not on the shelves (pocket dictionary, thesaurus and French / English dictionary and cook books, which are in my kitchen)

I have at least one book, where the author's last name corresponds with every letter of the alphabet, yes even "X." I have three books, by three separate authors that start with the letter "Z"

My male to female ratio (counting each author once) is almost 50/50.

Less than half have been read.

I catalogue my books using Book Collector and LibraryThing.

And there you go! My Collection!


  1. You have such gorgeous shelves. I miss having good shelves...

  2. I love your bookcases! My books are all over my house right now!

  3. Very nice! I was just fantasizing about new shelves this morning.

  4. They look beautiful all organized and shelved like that!! I would be so psyched to have all the space I needed for books and shelves, and I can imagine you are too! Great pics, Jules!

  5. Thank you everyone! I love having the space for the books, it looks so nice! Now just need to keep by book buying habits to a minimal.

  6. Looks great! If you're ever bored you can come to my place and organize my books. ;)

  7. diaryofaneccentric - Thank you. Thanks for the offer, but if I ever get bored, I think I have my own personal library to help me through it, sorry, you'll have organize your own shelves. It's worth it, at least the finish project will be :)