Monday, September 13

Books, Author Panels and Book Signings!

A few weeks ago, I attend Fan Expo Canada, which is a massive Sci-Fi, Horror, Anime, Gaming, Comic Convention were geeks and nerds and the like gather, attend panels, meet special guests and dress up in their favourite costumes from TV, Movies, Books and Comics, and I was among them, wearing my Stargate universe costume. One of the panels I went to was an author panel in the Horror genre titled the evolution of the vampire. Authors on this panel were: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Alyxandra Harvey, Joe Garden, Kelley Armstrong, Max Turner, Rio Youers and Nancy Kilpatrick.

The panel was very well done, and it was my first authors panel, so a new experience for me. It made be really want to be able to go to a book convention, so I can attend more. I had a great panelist group, who had some very insightful ideas and comments on how vampires have evolved in literature of the centuries, how culture has taken them on. Best of all they made fun of Twilight Vampires. It was great. Later that night and over the weekend, I ventured over to the authors table were some of the authors were there to sign books and sell some too. Of course I couldn't resist. I already owned one of Kelly Armstrong's, and had brought the book to read in long lines, and in anticipation that I may be able to get her to sign it. Which I did, so I'm very greatful for that, I even got a picture with her. (Me in my Stargate Atlantis Uniform, with Kelly Armstrong.)

For those of you who may not know, Kelly Armstrong rights the Otherworlds Series, although her books focus on other types of paranormal creatures, she did have a lot of insight on vampires, their evolution and how that has also opened the door wide for the evolution of other paranormal creatures. It also renewed my interest in vampires, and made me want to read many of the novels written by the authors. Listening to them talk, and include their own personal stories and struggles of being authors, and writing about vampires, what their intentions were when writing etc, really grabbed my interest in it.

I also meet four of the authors other authors, snagging up 4 books that weekend. Only four books, I think I did well. Had this been a convention that specialized in books, well I think it would have been more like 40. :)

I also chatted with Max Turner author of Night Runner. He's a newer author, his first books, as I just mentioned, Night Runner, came out last year, and the sequel to that, End of Days, was just released. I really enjoyed talking to him and listening to him at the panel, as he also commented on his struggles as an author. Which I can only imagine, as this type of writing, and how the vampire is portrayed nowadays, is dominated by women authors, often geared towards women audiences. So I'm interested to read a story, from another point of view.

The third author I meet was Nancy Kilpatrick, and although I didn't buy one of her books she wrote, I did buy the anthology she edited, which is a collection of short stories about vampires, Kelly Armstrong has one of her stories in it. She headed the panel, if memory serves me right.

The final author I met, was Alyxandra Harvey, author of the Drake Chronicles. Very nice author, I grabbed the first two books by her, and like the rest of the books I bought over the weekend, had them sighed. I also got a nifty tote bag to go with the two books! Here's a picture of my swag!

And finally, here are some pictures of the panel, sorry the quality sucks, I was in the back, lighting wasn't great, and I wasn't very good at holding the camera over my head, taking pictures while trying to listen to what the panel was saying.

So that was part of my fan expo experience, and have to say, I'm itiching to find a good book convention in Canada. Anyone know of any?


  1. How very cool that you got to attend this event! I also think it's really awesome that you got a chance to meet Kelly Armstrong. I have a few of her books on my shelf, and think she's a great author. It sounds like you had a wonderful time there!!

  2. Zibilee - Oh this event is something I've been trying to attend for about three years now. I just wish they had more authors there. The author event was just a lucky bonus for me. Now I have a taste for it, and want to hunt for more. Oh how I wish there was a BookExpo of Canada. (There was one, but they don't do it any more)