Sunday, July 4

TSS - Canada Day Weekned Read-A-Thon Final Update

I haven't done TSS in ages. I keep meaning to, but the I keep pushing it off to later, then later then Sunday is over. So here I thought, this would be the perfect time to do it.

First of all I had a major reading rut for June, and because of it I failed two challenge. Ouch. One of which is The Canadian Book Challenge III. On July 1st, I signed up for The Canadian Book Challenge IV. To celebrate Canada I decided to read Canadian Themed book, focusing on Canadian Lit, (and because I had a bad virus all week, and part of the weekened, and couldn't do much but sit at home), I decided to turn it into a Canada Day Weekend Read-a-thon. Where all books I read for the weekend would be by Canadian authors/set in Canada or a combination of the two. (And some of you know this from my latest blog posts, twitter feeds and facebook status'). So now Sunday is just about over, and I have finished my mini-personal read-a-thon. And enjoyed it.

Not only did it get me out of my reading rut, and I got a leg up on The Canadian Book Challenge IV. I also read some amazing books, relaxed under a tree and just let my self get lost in some good reading, while enjoying the outdoors. Something I haven't done as much as I wish I could have. So without further ado, here are the final stats of the weekend.

The Stats:
- Total Books Read: 5 (1 more than what my goal was)
- Total Pages Read:15,49
- Total Books that made me thinkg why the heck did it take me this long to read this book: 2
- Female Versus Male Author Ratio: 3 female authors and two makes.
- Authors New to me: 3
- Reviews to come: 5 (remember when I said, remind me not to let my reviews stack up, that was well less than a week ago? DOH!)

The Books
1) Nights Below Station Street: David Adams Richards (6/10)
2) The Outlander - Gil Adamson (9.5/10)
3) The Year of the Flood - Margaret Atwood (9.5/10)
4) No Great Mischief - Alistair MacLeod ) (8/10)
5) A Jest of God - Margaret Laurence (6.75/10)

Over all feelings: I'm glad I did this last minute read-a-thon. For many reasons, including knock off some books on my TBR list that I likely wouldn't have read for a while. Both Nights Below Station Street and A Jest of God are ones I've been putting off. And there low ratings aren't due to poor writing, or storytelling, with both the problems I had were similar and that was characterization. But I will go more into that in my reviews. Let's hope my reading rut stays away and July can be another great month of reading.

Also I hope everyone had a safe Canada Day and Independence Day Weekends.


  1. Very cool that you got so much read! I am really envious of all your reading time!

  2. I had a 4 day holiday weekend, so I decided why not relax and read, read, read? It was nice.