Friday, July 2

Last Minute Canada Day Weekend Read-a-thon! - Update 1

Here's my first update. I didn't read as much earlier today as I hoped, but I did manage to finish my second book - The Outlander, which I loved! So now on to book three which will be The Year of the Flood. A book I wanted to read since the cover first caught my eye when it came out. In fact, I wanted to read the book solely because I liked the cover, long before I knew who the author or title or plot. The other three parts just add onto my anticipation.

In case you missed it Here's my plan: Read as many Canadian Themed (Set in Canada or Written by Canadian Authors). As I can. Starting today Thursday July 1 - Sunday July 4. I have no goals really, but to enjoy some books, an hopefully feel better while I'm at it. And it will help me get some books into this challenge, which I failed twice now.

Currently Reading: The Year of the Flood

Progress: 2/? Books Read

Pages Read: 620

1) Nights Below Station Street - David Adams Richards
2) The Outlander - Gil Adamson

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