Thursday, July 1

Last Minute Canada Day Weekend Read-a-thon!

Okay, so this is last minute. I've been reading all day, and I choose a Canadian Themed book, by a Canadian, because today is Canada Day. I've also just signed up for the Canadian Book Challenge 4.
Since I'm under the weather, and can't do much this long weekend, I've decided to create my own read-a-thon, of Canadian Books, read during the Canadian Weekend. I'm doing it on my own. But if anyone wishes to join me then come on and read.

Here's my plan: Read as many Canadian Themed (Set in Canada or Written by Canadian Authors). As I can. Starting today Thursday July 1 - Sunday July 4. I have no goals really, but to enjoy some books, an hopefully feel better while I'm at it. And it will help me get some books into this challenge, which I failed twice now.

Happy Canada Day:

Currently Reading: The Outlander

Progress: 1/? Books read

1) Nights Below Station Street - David Adams Richards

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