Sunday, June 13

May Wrap - Up

Well, it's better late than never right? I've been so busy lately that I've neglected my blog and my reading. So before I do my May Wrap-Up, here's a brief update on why I haven't been around. First of all I have a full time job (although the contract ends this friday, cross fingers for good news that I can stay longer!) So working all day, I'm to tired by the time I get home. Also, there's been an ongoing family issues lately.

Long story short, there's a member of my household, with a severe mental illness. So there are a lot of times issues or bad days arise, when things have to go on hold. Usually I'm taking on a support role for the other family members to talk to, rather than a care giver role, but either way a lot of time is devoted to that and work. And trying to maintain some personal time. So sorry to anyone who comments or emails me. But I've been busy, I'm not ignoring you all. (Especially to those who email me. I read them, mark them to e-mail the person back, then time gets away). Hopefully by the end of the week, things will look up. As if things go well with work = me being able to move out of my parents place and back on my own. Which will give me more time for my self, and less stress in my life so I can better deal with the family member, who is going through tough times. So there it is. I miss reading, I really do.

Books Read

BREATHE! Okay so thats done. May Wrap Up. Only read three books in May. Although I started more, those will be finished (I hope) this month. So, May wasn't the best of months, although 2/3 the three books I read were amazing. The third, was well.... I'll let your read the review. It did help me with the dreaded "X" title. So that's a bonus!

The Xibalba Murder - Lyn Hamilton - 3/10
A Sicilian Romance - Ann Radcliffe - 8/10
War on the Margins - Libby Cone - 9/10

Challenges Completed/Failed

I also finished two more challenges this month, which total to finishing 6 challenges. Although I did fail two mini challenges. Although they're mini-challenges, so they only half count as failures. Sigh! But the two challenges I completed were:

1st in a Series - Completed On: May 7, 2010 - Read 3/3 Books
Typically British Challenge - Completed On: May 15, 2010 - Read 6/6 Books

Challenge Progress

So far I'm still doing okay. Although I haven't read as many books as I'd have hoped to, I'm happy with the over all progress. Just need to have a nice weekend and have my own read-a-thon.

Read 'n' Review - 36 Books
Pages Read - 10,080/50,000

2nd's Challenge - 4/6
10/10 Challenge - 36/100
18th and 19th Century Women Writers - 2/3
100+ Challenge - 36/100
451 Reading Challenge - 0/7
A - Z Challenge - 26/52
All About the Brontes Challenge - 1/3
Bibilophilic Challenge - 2/6
Canadian Challenge the 3rd - 7/13
Centuries Challenge - 2/? (Debating moving up a level, as I have a lot of books from different centuries I plan on reading this way anyways)
Chick Lit Challenge - 0/8
Chunkster Challenge - 0/4
Countdown Challenge - 24/55
Decades Challenge - 2/10
Ebook Challenge - 0/6
Fantasy Challenge - 1/6
Flashback Challenge - 0/6(+?)
Finish that Series Challenge - 0/3 Series
Global Reading Challenge - 11/12
Jane Austen Challenge - 0/4
The Marple Poitot Holmes Challenge - 3/6
Reading Through the Seasons Challenge - 1/4
Reading Western Europe Challenge - 5/12
RYOB Challenge - 10/50
Support Your Local Library Challenge - 26/50
TBR Lite Challenge - 0/6
A Tournament of Reading - 0/3
War Through the Generations: Vietnam - 1/5
What's in a Name? III - 5/6
Women Unbound Challenge - 3/8 (I moved up a level on this challenge)

Leo Tolsty Mini Challenge - 0/2
French Revolution Challenge - 0/2
Wilkie Collins Challenge - 1/2

Link for all Mini Challenges Here

Countries Around the World

I didn't visit any new country, but I did get to go to three different countries this month. Mexico, Italy and Channel Islands. So I'm happy with that. Again, I have a lot of books on my shelf or TBR list. Just need time. Anyone figure out the secret to more time?

visited 31 states (13.7%)
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Books that Followed me Home or Came into my Mailbox

Oh Boy! I'm hopping I get them all. I plan on doing a massive Books that followed me home. As I had a few visits to used bookstores and regular bookstores. So a few books might actually be from June. Long story short. Spent about 100$ this month at used bookstores buying 30 books. Nice!

Here we go!

Review Books (Which came in my mailbox)
War on the Margins - Libby Cone (Already Reviewed)
Flesh and Grass Libby Cone (EBook)
Yellowknife - Steve Zipp (Currently reading.)

Book Mooch
The Thralls Tale - Judith Lindbergh
The Reader -Bernhard Schlink
About a Boy - Nick Hornby
Chocolat - Joanne Harris
Midwives - Chris Bohjalian

Oroonoko and Other Stories
The Female Quixote
A Sicilian Romance

Books That Followed Me Home from Bookstores

Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens
The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova
Enders Game - Orson Scott Card
Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson
Breath and Bone - Carol Berg
As for me and My House (Used Bookstore)
The Private Patient (Used Bookstore)
The Cider House Rules (Used Bookstore)
Snow Falling on Cedars (Used Bookstore)
Nana - Emile Zola (Used Bookstore)
The South - Colm Tobin (Used Bookstore)
Summer - Edith Wharton (Used Bookstore)
Black Hawk Down - Mark Bowden (Used Bookstore)
Dinner on the Amazon - Timothy Findley (Used Bookstore)
Road Past Altanont - Gabrielle Roy (Used Bookstore)
Street of Riches - Gabrielle Roy (Used Bookstore)
The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes - Adrian Conan Doyle (Used Bookstore)
The Return of Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Used Bookstore)
The Catcher in the Rye - J.D Salinger (Used Bookstore)
Death of a Sales Man - Arthur Miller (10 cents at a yard sale)
Smoke and Mirrors - Neil Gailman
Kidnapped - Robert Louis Stevenson
Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides (Used/Independent Bookstore)
The Red Tent - Anita Diamant (Used/Independent Bookstore)
Dust to Dust - Timothy Findley (Used/Independent Bookstore)
The Valkyries - Paulo Coelho (Used/Independent Bookstore)
Olive Kitteridge - Elizabeth Strout (Used/Independent Bookstore)
Women at the Edge of Time - Marge Piercy (Used/Independent Bookstore)
The Hours - Michael Cunningham (Used/Independent Bookstore)
The Rules of Engagement - Catherine Bush (Used/Independent Bookstore)
The Blue Mountain - Meir Shalev (Used/Independent Bookstore)
The Autumn of the Patriarch - Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Used/Independent Bookstore)
The Coffee Trader: A Novel - David Liss (Used/Independent Bookstore)

So that's just under 50 books.


  1. I'm sorry that you are having to deal with mental illness. It's a tough one because there is usually no end in sight. It's exhausting. I unfortunately know from experience. I wish you the best!

    And your list makes me want to go shopping today! I am trying to wait two more weeks though until our local indie new/used store has 40% off of all used. I'm so excited!

  2. Thank you Kristen. It is hard, because there's isn't much help I can give this person at the moment. So it's a waiting game.

    I am glad my book bought list made you want to go shopping. My used indie store is like that too. 40% off on the book that are new. The owner is great too, but I only visit it when I visit TO.

  3. Jules, I am so sorry to hear that you are going through such tough times right now. I hope that things will soon get back to normal and that the stress level goes down. If there is anything you need, please let me know. I am very familiar with this situation, as it is going on in my home as well. If you need to bend someone's ear about it, I am available. Take good care of yourself.

  4. I'm sorry to hear things haven't been going so well Jules. :(

  5. Hey Jules, thought I'd drop a line. Happened upon your blog while on librarything. I must say, this has got to be the best book-related blog I've come across. Wow. Content and design just blow me away. I can't wait until I have more time to spend on it.

    BTW, so sorry to hear of your family situation. I've never experienced that, so I can't say I know what you're going through. But it can't be easy. Take care.

  6. Thank you to everyone for our words and thoughts it's much appreciated. I may talk more about this with some (in private), but still working out my own feelings. Things are improving a bit, but there are still ups and downs. But I do appreciate everyone here.

    Bubba - Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Sadly, I can't take credit for the layout it is pre-made, but I love it nonetheless. Content is all me, for better or for worse. Thanks for stopping by.