Monday, May 3

In My Mail Box and Books That Followed Me Home

Two for One Vlog! Today do to being really tired and lazy I combined to vlogs into one. So enjoy.
Also, Im a little odd in this. Because I'm so tired today. Didn't sleep well last night, few hours of sleep, then full day of work. Multiple cups of coffee and still am about to fall asleep. An when I get tired or haven't had enough sleep. I laugh randomly and at times can't stop, or I ramble more than normal. So sorry in advanced. At least it's entertaining. :) Also I messed up doing my something artsy. And well it will just stay like it is. Again. Sorry.

The first half of the Vlog is In My MailBox which is hosted by Kristi of the Story Siren. So check out her blog to find out more information or to participate.

Books Mentioned - IMM
For Review:
War on the Margins
Flesh and Grass (EBook)

The Thralls Tale
The Reader
About a Boy

Oroonoko and Other Stories
The Female Quixote
A Sicilian Romance

Books that Followed Me Home
Tale of Two Cities
The Historian
Enders Game
Treasure Island
Breath and Bone
Good To Fault
The Outlander


  1. Looks like you got some great books. Happy reading.

  2. I know just what it's like to be short on sleep and be a little crazy the next day! I hope that you get some rest soon! That being said, you got a lot of neat stuff this week. I got about halfway through The Thrall's Tale and couldn't finish it. I don't really remember what the problem was, but I remember not liking it all that much. I hope you fare better with it!! I loved The Reader and thought it was very interesting. I am hoping to read A Tale of Two Cities sometime soon, so I willl definitely be checking back to see what you think of it! All the others are new to me. I hope that you enjoy them all!

  3. Serena - Thanks.

    Zibilee - This whole week has been short on sleep, and now today, lack of coffee in the morning. Augh. Hmm, hopefully I get a better experience out of the Thralls Tale than you. I don't think I've seen many reviews. I was actually just looking to see what kind of books take place in Greenland and found the book. A Tale of Two Cities, and other Dickens work (I'm positive I said Dickenson in the vlog. DOH!)I hope to read one of Dickens books this month.