Sunday, May 9

Book Review: The Xibalba Murders

Title: The Xibalba Murders ((Archaeological Mysteries, No. 1)

Author: Lyn Hamilton

Pages: 290

Summary: The murder of a renowned expert in Mayan history lures Lara into the jungles surrounding Merida, Mexico. For in this lush paradise are the temples of the Mayan gods--and the camps of modern-day rebels fighting to save their Mayan heritage. As the body count escalates, Lara must uncover the secrets of the Mayan underworld known as Xibalba--and the journey into the very heart of darkness.

My Rating: 3/10

What I liked/disliked about the book:Well what can I say about this book? It was not an enjoyable read, for starts. In fact it was a pretty horrible read for me. The book grabbed my attention when I saw another blogger about a year ago (so sorry, I don’t know who it is, but shout out to you) reviewed the book, and the only thing I really paid attention to was the book started with the letter “X”. I mean how many books start with the letter X? Very, very few, so I grabbed the book from the library to satisfy the letter X for title proportion, for the A - Z challenge, because I am finishing this challenge this year! And I’m doing it the old fashioned way (letters starting with for titles and author). I kind of wish it stayed on the shelf at the library, and I had picked something else.

First what I liked, which is very, little. I liked the Mayan history and mythology in the book. It was interesting, sometimes it was overdone and some of it didn’t always seem relevant (although the author tried to make connections, and I read the passages and went huh? That makes no sense!) But for the most part some background on the Mayan history and mythology was well done, interesting and although I don’t know much about it, it seemed well researched.

And that’s were the good part ends. The rest of the book was awful. Full of drivel and pointless filler, the “important” parts weren’t well done, so I didn’t care there were all these people being murdered, mainly because the reason behind them just didn’t add up (more so when you are told, why they were all murdered.) Things were not addressed well either. There was no climax, no change of tone in while explaining, good parts, filler parts, “scary” parts, just a monotone way of writing, which didn’t help the book or reading it at all. I also found the plot line to be disjointed and disconnected from the story line. Things just seemed to pop up out of no where, its like the author planned to have a set a mount of murders, a set amount of characters, and connect it all to Mayan mythology. Like I said above a lot of things I read made me wonder if I missed something (I even backtracked to make sure I didn’t, or make sure pages weren’t stuck together or something, but that was not the case.)

The main character annoyed me a lot to. She just had no purpose in the book, except that she was retelling her story, the book might have been a lot better had it not been told from first person view. Perhaps having a glimpse of what the “bad guys” were doing, and not seeing everything behind her eyes could have helped the book. Also, she just wasn’t a well written protagonist, she just seemed to be someone going along for the ride, and there wasn’t much difference from her than the secondary characters. All seemed to be in the book, because a book needs some characters, and this one did slightly more things in the book than the others.

Finally the ending, it was anti-climatic and cliché. The Big Bads’ reasoning for everything he’s done has been done over and over again, not very original. And then they all lived happily ever after. I wish I could say the same for this review. (On the plus side, this did help me completed the 1st in a series challenge! YAH!)

Would I recommend it to read: No! Unless you really need an X title for a book, and like me, want to have the Title start with X. And even then you may want to try and find something else. It's just not a good read. And it's not even a bad read where you can have fun with creating a fun or sarcastic review. There is very little to work with here.

What to read next: I'm not sure. If you enjoyed the book, the rest of the series. Or the Lost Symbol (which I hated, but if you like this book, than I can see you liking the other, although I can see people liking Dan Browns book, but not liking this one.) I'd say find something better to read, and don't waste your time.

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  1. goodie... I actually dont' come across many book reviews which says "dont waste your time on this"

  2. Oh my! This book sounds terrible, and I am sorry that you wasted your rime on it. I am glad that it worked for you challenge, but I wish you could have found a better read! Thanks so much for your honesty in this review. I know now to stay far, far away from it!!

  3. I love mysteries and cozies as well as many thrillers. This is one of my favorite series and I loved almost all of the ones I read, including this one. Sorry you didn't like it. Murders are not to everyone's taste, as I well know, nor are women authors. I don't like vampire books or supernatural books for example. Better luck next time!